Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chaos Mareeeens!

Like SO many others out there I am going to be playing some Chaos Marines here very soon. This was planned though. I've never been really happy with how my army turned out. It was also a very long term project. I started playing this army back in Rogue Trader, switched to Space Wolves shortly after and only came back to Chaos to visit every so often out of boredom and monotony from painting grey-blue on everything.

I actually began before there was a definitive color scheme to Emperor's Children and any chaos I believe. The iconic/classic 4 figures had paint schemes and Noise Marines were loud and garish (as they should be). I couldn't mimic the leopard spots, but I managed the helmet okay I think.

Everything else was in pastel shades, mostly blues and purples. My terminator squad were "Skittles" or as someone once coined them "tele tubby nators". They were vicious though with Rapid Regeneration (points if you remember that one!) 

Remember - These were painted nearly 2 decades ago!
I've seen some photo caps from the upcoming codex that are helpful and just making me want more (the psychic page has the Slanneshi powers covered up! ARGH!) but I've really tried not to pay attention to stats/points and rumors unless I've seen them for certain. The early rumor that Noise Marines were going to be Elites made me twitch. Most of my army is NM! 

The tongue looks good at least!!
When the color scheme for Emperor's Children was published I began painting my unpainted marines in that scheme, and still being very new to washes and shading, attempted to replicate that scheme. The result was atrocious. I wasn't happy with it then, tried to repair it, but wound up throwing my hands up in despair. I vowed to repaint them one day. 

Last codex I saw the reverse scheme of what I used and vowed if I ever desired to go back I would repaint the army in those colors (being mostly pink with black accent). I was seriously tempted to paint pink Sisters and resisted, vowing to make some pink marines (and trying to avoid that oh-so-tired stereotype). 

Combined with my very poor debutante moment with 6e with the Tyranids, I've decided to fall back on some sage advice once given to a newbie asking ProdigalSon and I for advice on getting into 40k. "Start with marines". I could only nod in agreement. I've stolen and re-gifted that advice many times and am now taking it upon myself. I am starting 40k over it seems. It's time to get back to my roots. 

Go forth and Amplify
Here come the Noise Marines