Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tournament list evolving...

I'm now on version 4 of my tourney Eldar list. I'm feeling a bit less confident in the Eldar than the Tyranids, but that's only because I'm losing. However in losing I'm learning and in learning we grow better. There's still plenty of time.

I've dropped the Autarch at this point. She's awesome and can put a melta gun wherever I need it with that bike, but she's just too expensive at this point range (not to mention it just takes one S6 shot to kill her outright) A whole squad of Fire Dragons with an Exarch is cheaper. That's FIVE times the melta. Noah asked 'why the exarch?' Well that's all I own.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tournament bound! (and happy 50th post!)

Finally! Motivation! Muse-ism! Something to do!

There's a tourney scheduled the Ides of January at the (now) local store. They don't have 40k tourneys very often and I missed the last one, so it's been since March I think since I've had a tourney. Gah! I did manage to walk away with a "best painted team" trophy, so that's tided (is that a word?) over for a while.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fiction - The Origin of Autarch Ry'hanna Skyblade (part 1)

Ry'hanna ech'Tyur of the Skyblade clan and her cousin Allonia lived on the Saim Hann craftworld. Naturally, they learned the jetbike and even talked as children of following the path of the Shining Spear. As adults this was not to be so. Ry'hanna did not feel the path of the Warrior's call in her heart. Instead she became an artisan. Allonia felt the calling of the Scorpion, and joined that Aspect. For many decades they would not see one another, or maybe just in passing, until a fateful day when Saim Hann had wandered near an Exodite world. The Exodite world had been invaded by Imperial forces and the Craftworld responded sending relief forces. Ry'hanna was called upon to fulfill her role as a guardian and took to battle on the back of her jetbike with the others. After a very successful battle, the Exodites were feasting the victorious off-world Eldar and Ry'hanna and Allonia had a chance meeting.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things are finally coming together

A quick trip back to Athens to drop off the old place's keys, spot clean and visit my storage unit (ok, not that quick) later and I think I have my painting station problem solved. I now have desk space! Now I just have to get things set up.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Battle report too. Long over due.

Well the moving is done, and the unpacking has commenced. Sadly my painting setup that I had imagined did not work out, so I'm still at a loss on where I will be painting. Still, I'm very glad the move is over and the new place is much much bigger. I'm also glad that I'm back online. I've had a difficult time with AT&T the last few days.

But enough of that, you didn't come here to listen to her prattle. You came here for a battle report!
So the game was 2000 points, Eldar vs Blood Angels. Mission was Annihilation (again, bleah) and setup was pitched battle. BA went first and reserved everyone. I failed to steal the inititave.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is it... a Battle Report?

Yes! She lives.

Yes, I have an unfinished figure on the table.
I'm so ashamed..

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind of busy. I had to scramble to put my halloween costume together (successfully I might add). The party was comic themed, and I wanted something a bit obscure. Sadly, since I got out of comics in the early 90s, my idea of obscure is unheard of for the average comic fan now. Still, the ones that went and checked it out after the party said I made a spot on Typhoid Mary.

After Halloween, the packing began in earnest. I'm still doing it. I hate moving. But it will be a bigger place and more room to spread out my hobby instead of a tiny little corner between my computer and sewing desk.

But this is a battle report. I took a break on Sunday to get in a game with the guys before moving. I won't say last, since I'm only about 50 minutes away and will certainly come running back when they dangle the Apocalypse hook in front of me.