Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Battle Report - Swarm of Personality vs Space Marines

The Great White Hive Tyrant can be sneaky at times.
 So after hearing Fritz blog and blog about the Tyrannofex I finally broke out 'little brother' and began converting him over. I guess he'll be "mini-T'fex". Of course, being Queen of Magnets I'm magnetizing his main gun so that I can swap between rupture cannon and the gun that rolls far too many dice (doesn't have codex handy fleshborer hive). I picked up a lot of devourer guns on ebay recently, and several of them have a date with some green stuff for this conversion.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Battle Report - Eldar Apocalypse!

Well I'm slacking again. It's been nearly a week and I never posted a battle report. Obviously you, dear reader are slacking too, since you haven't hounded me about it! The game of all games and neither of us seem too concerned.

All things concerned we learned quite a bit about all sorts of things; units and rules we don't often play with and I think that was a very good thing for all of us.

The game was standard Apoc. 9000 pts of Imperial vs 9000 points Eldar. Troops only were scorers. Six objectives and 3 Apoc assets for each side, drawn at random.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Apocalypse! The Eldar challenge.

As I'm moving out of town next month, and it seems to be tradition around here to have a 'going away game', Noah approached me with the idea of a big TWO DAY Apocalypse game. We both have rather large Eldar armies and both are increasing slowly. We each totalled what we had and came up with a combined total of around 9000 points! The combined forces of Yme-Loc and Iybraesil issued an open ended challenge on the local forums here and awaited a challenger.

Friday, October 15, 2010

We don't need no water...

Enter the frazzled frantic woman trying to get ready for her last big game with the local gang (at least while living in town). At my partner's behest, I included my fire dragon squad into our giant Eldar force taking over the tables tomorrow. I was worried that I would have to field unpainted troops. (*gasp*) Anyone who knows me (or reads this blog with regularity) will attest that I dislike this practice. (she means "abhore") I don't mind it if playtesting, and have even done it myself, but in a 'showdown' match like this weekend, I want to look my best.

Harlequins - Finished!

As of right this moment, My harlequins are done. Well ok, the first squad. Through some good old fashioned mini trading (bet you thought I'd say horse), I wound up with a dozen harleys. I even traded some of the classic models away, but they were doubles or didn't have kisses. I'm only using 6 in the Apocalypse game, since that is all that will fit in a Falcon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The roll continues - Harlequins & Apocalypse

So I'm still rolling with the painting streak. I'm halfway through my harlequins, and as a break I hacked at and painted my old wraithlord. He's now got an interchangable hand and one of them has the 'kung fu' grip. I'm really liking the pose too, and maybe I'll get better photos of him soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Swarm - stopped.

So my killer bug list was killed. Blood Angels did me in, though I have to take a smidgen of the credit for the work.

I used my "Swarm of Personality" list, but with double boneswords on the shrikes and no frag spines on the 'fex.

Oppnent had Dante, Jump marines with him
Razorback double flamer with 5 assault marines, melta, power fist
The burninator Land Raider with 5 assault termies +
Librarian in termie armor
Storm raven with 6 sanguinary guard and an underslung
Two fisted Dreadnought.
Both jumpy marines had sanguinary priests.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Back in the groove!

I've been like a madwoman this week with the hobbying. I started with the bugs. I've gotten everyone primed with the exception of the Doom. I still need to work on his brain a bit. But everyone else is ready to paint. I even got some of the walking warriors primed that needed it, and a couple that needed their talons painted are now in the 'finished' area of my workspace. I'm looking at 3 left that need eyes, some greenstuff for a barbed strangler 'sac', and one warrior that's just primed. I even have the Parasite halfway finished.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harlequin Commission - Finished

These little guys were much easier to paint that I realized. Having a color scheme to go by probably helped me a great deal, and figuring out where to use what colors appealed to my puzzle loving nature. The first two (this one and in the previous post) are the ones I was handed and asked to replicate. I am not sure who painted them, they were picked up off Ebay I believe, so if you did them, not bad, and thank you for giving me something fairly simple to follow. And blue. I love painting blue.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Harlequin Commission - (not so) quick update

Just a quickie update here cause I've been lazy from the standpoint of this blog, not so much at what I'm doing.

In the mail this week arrived some bits for my Shrikes, now they finally have heads!! A bit of paint and they'll make an appearance here. I'm really excited about my bonesword conversions.