Friday, March 22, 2013

The Chase - (Part 1)

Mitsuko watched the shuttle soar into the heavens. Her prey had gotten away again. Two more years of
tracking and undercover work gone. How did he keep doing that?. She shrugged almost imperceptibly. She would find him again. For now, she needed to tend to her own.

Some of her crew were wounded, and others were in other locations in an attempt to get ahead of Xylar before he could get to a ship and get off world. He did have a knack for escape in addition to being able to sense a trap, usually at the expense of his own crew. She looked over at the captured and dead crewmates of Xylar's. One was writhing in obvious agony while clutching his head, but didn't have any visible wounds. That's okay. She had that effect on men sometimes.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Dirty Girls

I pretty much vanished off the planet for a couple of weeks back. I spent pretty much every waking moment painting and crafting, and a fair amount of those were at work.

Sadly I didn't finish everything, but you have to look for it.

Here is my (nearly) completed project!

I had hoped for 'Best Painted' again (Tied for it with my Eldar last month) but someone came a little harder with theirs this time. I still have a lot of work that I could still do on the girls, but I felt what I had was pretty good. Mostly my vehicles need trim and wash work and the display board is a little monochromatic, so I'll probably dash some grass here and there. The 'mud' though, I believe came out quite impressive. There were times when I was working on it that I actually forgot it was paint, glue and flock and thought I was getting mud all over me. Yuck!

I did perform better this round. I went from 18th (with Eldar) in a field of 28 to 17th (with Sisters) and from 1 win to 2. I do believe I'm going to bring the Sisters again for this next round. I have been however, growing more and more in love with Terminators again. I may revisit my Chaos Marines. Especially after obtaining a Chaos Lord in Terminator armor recently.

I've also been working on my Cami-paign alot. More on that to come.