Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back to Basics with Elorrah

Elorrah, slayer of CrazyDreads
I've gotten away from my original idea of a Craftworld Iybraesil list. I don't mind so much though, it's been a fun journey and the journey is what counts. Lately though I wanted to use my jetbikes more and decided to build a list geared more towards my beginning concept, especially since I had painted units I didn't have when starting.

Below is the list (slightly modified; warlock powers and one vyper weapon) that I used in a game yesterday at the LGS. I was very happy with the performance save for one incident (which prompted the power change) and will definitely be using it again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mordheim - Harr'Tak's Raiders

So, on Mordheim day at the shop last week. You know the one I blogged about, having spent the day painting my pride-and-joy Sharphoof figure... Yeah that's the one. The Raider's first game of the day was against Da Machine's Undead. The mission was to hold buildings. The Raiders had managed to claim 3 buildings and was about to contest the 4th. There were two zombies inside and several milling about outside. The Chaos Warhounds attacked the outside zombies and Sharphoof plowed through the one by the door, and headed inside. He found the two zombies there and engaged them in combat. One dropped to his onslaught while the other kept trying to stab him with a dirty kitchen knife. After a moment or two, two dregs barged in and held him down while the zombie ate his brain.

Poor Sharphoof.

Now the band has turned to the most experienced beastman to lead them. Sadly, this is Harr'Tak. He's horribly scarred (causes fear), has a half healed chest wound (-1T) and is psychologically scarred as well (hates the Dwarf Noble). Clearly the best choice to lead this band. Clearly.

I'm having fun though, and without a doubt this does give my warband character!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rules Query for Your Pondering.

Last night I posed a question to the 3++ chatbox (located to your right) that I've often wondered about but until last night in Vassal, had never come up for me. I got several mixed replies there and (I imagine) one or two confused stares.

The situation is this. Farseer X's Fortune goes down at the beginning of the turn. He obviously thinks that it should stay up, so he casts Fortune again. The dice come up two ones. Ghosthelm fails. First invulnerable save succeeds, so he has to roll another save but fails it.

The question; Does he get a re-roll to that failed invulnerable save?

The rulebook states that the power goes off live or die, so any squad left behind (assuming this is his last wound) would have Fortune up. Everyone agreed that the first Fortune was gone and not usable. However there was no consensus to when the power actually happened. Does the wound have to be resolved THEN the power happens, or does the power happen as soon as the successful psychic test is made?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mordheim - Bighorns Sharphoof

Tomorrow is Mordheim day at the shop and I wanted my Chieftan to be ready for battle. Today I painted him up and I'm rather happy with the results. I magnetized his arms (of course) since I would like other weapon options at some point.

I present; Bighorns Sharphoof, leader of the ragtag band known as Sharphoof's Raiders. They like axes and chopping and usually their big friend Murrghor the Minotaur comes along for the fun of it.

Mordheim - Sharphoof's Raiders

So the gang at the LGS recently started a Mordheim League. I figured I would give it a try. The Sisters of Sigmar sounded interesting and very Sisters of Battle (and I figured I might could use the figures in my army). Sad to say I didn't find the Sisters models very appealing. I've always loved beastmen though, so after looking at them, and the models I decided to give it a whirl.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Camera Time - Opinions needed!!

So now that I have a job again (*whew*) I will be able to shop (YAY!!) and the first thing on my list, quite possibly after bills, is a new camera. I have, I think, 3 digital cameras. One was a hand-me-down from a friend and is just terrible. It is so fickle and sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Seems like you always need a flash, and that burns through batteries in no time. The other was an old Sony Mavica I got in a box of things my mother gave me after my father passed. I thought the Mavica was pretty cool, and it was perfect for what he did. He could just drop the floppy full of photos in the file he was working on rather than print them all out. It's now very old and the drive doesn't work very well. My 3rd is my video cam, and it takes not-so-great photos, as can be seen on this blog.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vassal Maps

That's right!! No Grey Knight mentions here.

Oh wait. Dammit!

Honestly though, who'd have thought I'd have sought after material!? Especially my doodlings in Vassal. Well I'm tickled and more than happy to present them here. I've tried to label them according to the type of terrain and everything, but if you have any questions, I'm not too far to hide. And that goes for any map of mine, just look for the hurricane 'symbol' in the lower left. --->

Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2 Enjoy!!

Thanks everyone who's kept up with me. We hit (and passed) 50 followers last week! Amazing that I can be that entertaining!

*edit* Maps lists
Pack 1:
DesertFlower2 - A ruined pumping station.
RoadsideCamp2  - An imperial camp on the side of a road. (pictured)
TauOutpost - An outpost, made my Tau. Big surprise!
UrbanDecay - An early map I did. Pretty urban, and busy. Forgot to label it.

Pack 2:
BigMeksPlace - A junkyard where shooty 'tings get built!
CrowdyTown - An experiment in BLoS. Only the brave go to Crowdy Town
JunkyardCrossroad - New map!! Junkyard, at a crossroad! So easy!
SnowStation - Lots more buildings fun, in the snow!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Battle Report - Death at Big Mek's Shop

Had a very wonderful (vassal) game with Commissar Carrie, and though it started a little lopsided, eventually blossomed into a nail biter! Had I known that it would have ended thus, I'd have gotten more snapshots.

The start of the game had me deployed with 2 Zoeys on one flank, 1 on the other, with two squads of warriors in cover (note the blood). Carrie's DeffKoptas scouted up the left and right flanks and blew them away with help of some other units on TURN ONE. They never got to move!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sisters Project - Update

I hadn't really touched my sisters since my first post on it. I have been busy, but something never really sat right about the look of the Battle Sister I'd painted. I kept looking at it over and over, and finally thought that she needed a wash. I was trying to keep the armor bright and shiny, but using a double coat of Armour wash really had a positive effect. I also highlighted the armor back up with more mithril silver and deepened the purple with darker purple.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project - Silver Towers of Tzeentch

Obviously my Sisters project is slow to start. Not sure why... could it be the 40+ models awaiting me to paint them all exactly the same? Could it be the stripping of some of them and starting over from bare metal? (I do hate going backwards with painting) Very possible.

Also there's that whole finding a job thing. Funny how that eats up a lot of time that would otherwise be spare.

So insert (slow) project that I've wanted to do for some time. Recently inspired by the local store having an umpteen thousand point Apocalypse battle invitational. I don't know the points, but I saw (smelled) the four 4' x 8' tables being painted. Da Machine was supposed to attend but had to take care of some things out of town, but he did loan them his army. I still don't have all the details of the battle, but apparently the super titan was involved and there was a meltdown of it. Needless to say, Chaos didn't fare too well (or so I'm told).