Thursday, November 24, 2011

Craftworlderly News

I thought the world had ended last weekend. My computer crashed, I've missed two weeks of gaming and just life in general has been a challenge. Things are looking up though, I may be getting a lateral shift that gets me off the phones (which stresses me to no end), I've gotten my computer back up and running without losing any data (or photos. the photos! AAGH!) and I've rearranged my workspace. The painting area is a little more cramped than I'd like so I'll work on that, but things are arranged better now. All of which I'm thankful for.

See what I did there?

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sisters project - ongoing

After a brief (ish) break to finish up my MERCS figures, I'm recharged enough to tackle my Sisters again. I'm not sure if I covered it before, but I painted one of my Flagellants and have begun on a Repentia as test models. I really am happy with the Priest and how fast he went. The Repentia went on the back burner when I picked up the MERCS. I've also been working on Celestine as well. Photos of those will come in time, I really am not a fan of WIP photos, at least not on the blog, though I have taken some.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I have completed my MERCS team (to the best of my ability). There's a LOT of detail on these models and I kept going back and fiddling with them. My loving camera kept pointing out little spots, nooks and crannies that I missed and taunting me. I have gone and touched up these spots, but not taken new photos. Those will be along eventually I'm sure.

The one figure that's missing is my Kemvar Assassin. He's still missing his left arm (I can't locate it at the moment) so I didn't paint him with the gang. I am doing so now because I have a fabulous idea for him (due to his Active Camoflage) and perhaps it will look okay when I'm done. I'll make that another post.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Game Review - MERCS

Been working a bit lately on my MERCs figures to take a break from the Sister's project and also as test models for mudding up my figures. I plan on the Sisters to have a weathered, dirty look, and the same look is ideal for the MERCs game environement. I'm going to be using more of a dusty, rubble strewn theme for the MERCs though, since it's largely city fighting. The Sisters will have more mud and universal basing.

What's MERCs? So glad you asked!