Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did ya miss me?

I've been quite busy despite the lack of posting (and I am apologetic/guilt-ridden about that). The job training is finally over though and hopefully I will have a bit more time. This is perhaps a joke though, since there have been some (rather wonderful) personal developments of late.

Nay, I do solemnly type that I will endeavor to blog on a more regular schedule. I have to you see, I've got two of them now!!

I did get some painting and games in, and aside from one or two minis I don't yet have, the Mordheim warband is done. I have to buy yet another knight, since he fell in battle and was crushed to death by said horse (who also died, sad to say). Daemonic Warhorses don't grow on trees, y'know! For now we're going to have to just deal with 5 BS5 crossbowmen and a BS6 hired elf and Sarah Jayne (also BS6) and her rifle of doom.

The War Dolls project is off and running now. You can see the chatbox here or click on the link there. We've got some great girls on board right now and are looking for more. If you are interested let us know in a comment, chatbox or email! We have some great things planned, and are always getting more ideas.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mordheim - Obituary and Report

Jethro seems to be out of his head in this photo.
Today we mourn the loss of Ser Norbert Allengaard. Noble Knight and recovering alcoholic who was hired to protect Miss Annabelle's caravan and enterprise. In the caverns below Mount Motusin, while on an egg run, he was terribly mauled by a sabretusk. The ogre allies that the caravan was working with fled after one of their number was swallowed whole by the wyrm that dwelled inside those caverns. Wisely retreating, the caravan escaped, but had to leave behind the body of Ser Norbert. It was only later that they discovered that the old man had, in fact, survived, but was captured by a roving band of Chaos Warriors. He was thrown into their fighting pits and subsequently killed for certain this time. That's just what they do. Miss Annabelle was quoted as saying "We shall miss Ser Norbert, but at least we still have his horse, that saves us a good deal of money."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update update!

Besides training at work, here's what I've been up to. As previously mentioned my Mordheim band bought it's 2nd Trade Wagon. It's completed as of now, but I haven't had the opportunity to take photos yet. Expect some next update as I'm headed to Phoenix Games today to "get my geek on".

Also, there's a new chat pod! Commissar Carrie, Katie Drake, Mistress of Minis and I are embarking on a mission to unite the girl gamers! The new chatbox is the first of a few projects we will be working on. If you want to contribute or just be a part of the War Dolls, then drop one of us a line or hit us up in the chatbox!