Monday, January 31, 2011

It has begun - The Sisters Project

From the Sisterhood of the Rosa Caestu, here comes my first Sister of Battle. I was helped by CommissarCarrie, whom I consider a dear friend and my personal expert on Witch Hunters. Of course HER help would have involved pink guns as well, so I feel like it was a decent compromise.

Now I have several minis to strip down and there are about 6 different paint jobs in the army. This army changed hands several times before reaching mine and everyone had a go at the paint scheme. I really liked the original blue/white but was really trying NOT to paint another blue army. Sorry Devin!

The only problem is there are no vehicles other than Rhinos in the army. I've got enough pieces to put together one Immolator but that really isn't going to help. My plan is to have all the figs painted by the time the Codex comes out later this year or early next year and then pick up the possibly new vehicles then. Since I paint vehicles pretty quick I should have a fully operational army almost when the book hits the shelves!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Orky goodness - Trukk

The original Trukk not painted by me.
So after my first game with the orks, I realized that one Trukk wasn't going to do it. Especially when I own a unit of Nobz. Burnas obviously need to ride in one, so I needed another to move things along. When the local store where I used to live went out of business (*sniffle*) I took advantage of the discounts though and picked up several models. One of which was a second Trukk for my Ork army that I had just traded for. It went into the 'to do' pile and wasn't a priority until now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stormraven photos then and now.

A while back GW 'leaked' the stormraven photo on their website and of course it made the rounds on the internet. Almost universally it was lamented as a terrible model. It looks small and anemic and skinny and has been called many other names. Not exactly something you'd care to be proud to say "Yeah I rode to battle in that!" I wasn't planning on getting one either way (unless they give them to Sisters of Battle) unlike the Valkyrie which called to me to build it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here there be ORKS!!

I mentioned before that I had traded my old Space Wolves in for Orks about a year ago. Today I broke them out. Da MaCHiNe called me yesterday to schedule a game today and came and picked me up to go to the local store. I had originally planned to start my narrative campaign with this game (and a planetstrike one at that) should he bring his Chaos Marines. However, if he were bringing Daemons, I'd play my Orks. I was still staring at both army boxes when he walked in. I asked which army he brought with him and he only responded "Chaos". My friend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tournament Report - 1000 points


We converged on Phoneix games for 8 games / 12 hours of fast and furious dice rolling. Tournament was 1000 points, all Kill Points, Missions were 2 each from the rulebook, plus 2 'Cauldron' missions.

I took the previously mentioned Shining Spears list. I figured that I would not last the entire 8 rounds without becoming loopy, so I might as well have fun with it. I'm also trying to figure out the Spears. I've had some really good experiences with them and want to see them shine. (see what I did??)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Buzz buzz buzz!! Marine FAQs updated (and DE too)

See, Dark Angels, GW does still love you.

Looks like all of the Marine codices got a little attention.

Yeah you Dark Kin got a FAQ too.

The rulebook got one too, but I don't see any changes that common sense wouldn't have fixed already.

That is all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not quite final apparently. (the internet's going to laugh at me)

...ok, so maybe not.

I thought that the version 7 was going to be the final version of my list and that I just would have to fear Da MaCHiNE's Daemon list during the course of the tournament. With 8 games during the course of the day, it's likely that I will see this list. Kirby from 3++ gave me some pointers on how to handle the list (more on that in a bit) and Noah (who has no blog for shame) suggested adding Banshees. I *heart* Howling Banshees despite what you say internet, and they are fluffy for Iybraesil being matriarchal and all. When I build a list they always seem to come out with a tinge of fluff, I just can't help it. It's what happens.

Friday, January 7, 2011

1K Point Tournament List - v. 7 and Final

So with a little over a week to go I think I've decided to stick with what I've been running the last few weeks. It's almost exactly the previous one except I dropped a wave serpent in favor of a second farseer. Just didn't make sense to have an empty falcon and a serpent with 5 or 6 models in it. The list in this version has tested very well on vassal but only 2 games on actual table and those didn't go so great. In my defense though, there's only so much that can be done against a raging Bloodthirster on a 4 x 4 table.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fiction - The Origin of Autarch Ry'hanna Skyblade (part 3)

This is the tale of how Ry'hanna ech'Tyur Skyblade came to us on Iybraesil and how she found the path of leadership with us. These are the her trials as she conveyed them to me, and some of which I Saw in the runes. -Farseer Elorrah

Ranger Ry'hanna stepped through the webway portal onto the the cool grassy ground. She sank to her knees and closed her eyes and just concentrated on breathing. The air smelled faintly of cinnamon and roses. Behind her the Pathfinders followed through as well, all three of them showing exhaustion in similar fashion. No'ahl, Torrum, and Kah'hal were the only ones remaining of the small band that had showed up to rescue her, but wound up pinned down with her. Kah'hal's eyes still had that haunted, faraway look to them as he lay there recovering. Had that Void Dragon not shown up when it did none of them would have made it out alive.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As Requested; Dire Avengers

Contemplative Avenger wasn't paying attention again.

Just a quick photo (and update) of the Dire Avengers as requested. (love the sound of that) My photo quality is still crap, so forgive please.

Before dear Reader, you say anything, yes I know there are two Exarchs. I have needed to split the squad smaller in the past and been unable to, so I made a convertable Exarch/Avenger. I also needed the Exarch to have dual cats for the upcoming tournament and my power weapon / shimmershield guy is glued together completely. He's not *quite* done, but I don't think you can tell from the photo. His face needs shading, the gem under his pistol needs color and he needs his symbol on his hat. oh and dullcoating.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A disturbance in the Æther...

Did you feel that? A movement within the Immaterium. The urge to run a campaign is calling to me again. That could be complicated since I still know very few gamers here locally. I could just throw it out to the local store, but I don't know which players are reliable and which are not around here. This chafed me on the last campaign. I poured a lot of work and effort into building it and the (not quite finished) Campaign Packet I came up with. I guess I expected a bit more commitment from the players. Maybe it's just me, but when you ask a player for feedback, it's kind of expected. I let everyone know that the Packet was still being worked on and I needed lots of feedback to get it finished, as well as their turn orders. I was running a map based / narrative campaign.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fire Dragon Exarch and onwards

Fire Dragons done! added a little grass to the bases just for those more woodsy boards. Still not happy with the camera but here's what I could actually get to come out. I'm really very pleased with my bases and I hope the little guys stay put. I didn't pin them so I'm considering this a test. The Rangers I think are going to be a bit simpler and I've already got my 2nd Farseer figured out. After those 6 models and painting the Farseer with the scuplted base, my tourney army will be done!

I'll likely take the rest of Jan to finish basing the rest of the Eldar and then move on to painting my Sisters. I've still got a full squad (minus the Exarch) of banshees to paint, and another 6 Harlequins, but I'll save those for when I need a break from Sister-monotony.

*edit* since the beginning of this post I've finished the Dire Avengers and both Exarchs. I'm really happy with them as well.
Happy New Year everyone!