Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Costume time! (and now for something completely different)

Indeed. I haven't had the opportunity to game recently, nor paint, nor do much but work and worry with moving. However I have carried my sketchbook pretty much everywhere

Lately I've been very enamoured with some of the girls' Doctor Who costumes. (Uber nerd alert) I've gone and I've completed the preliminary design for my own 'ultimate' Doctor Who costume. I'm super excited about it as I've seen no one else with the same idea on the web, at least.

Unfortunately, due to the move my sewing machine is still packed away in storage, so making it by Dragoncon this year was out of the question for certain. Currently my goal will be for Dragoncon 2013. Should be plenty of time. Of course there will perhaps be a twelfth Doctor by then, but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem for me.

Sketches will follow eventually, especially after my drawing skills improve!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First 6th Edition 40K Game

I finally had an opportunity last week to get to the soon-to-be local game store while I was in town signing the lease to my new place. I brought my bugs because I was erroneously thinking that not having a lot of shooting (and focusing on just moving) would keep the complications down for me learning the new rules. 

I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Just because I'm doing very little shooting doesn't mean I'm not TAKING a crap ton of fire. After watching a broodlord get chewed up by tons of failed 'look out sir!' rolls, I realized that moving units is complicated! I caught on to the shooting/wound allocation stuff fairly quickly. I had the concept of the movement differences when I read the rulebook before, however I didn't realize the impact that it had for my Genestealers. Oh you poor poor stealerbugs. 

I relied on move, run, charge so much before (and throw in a dash of really awful charge moves) that now I've had a staggering blow to my faith in my skittering little minions. Argue dice averages all you like, but I really don't feel it's the same. I used to have a guaranteed 13" of charge and now I only have an 8" charge. While it's handy for the larger bugs and the ones without fleet, the stuff that relied on fleet is severely hampered now. In this I am disappointed. 

I DID like the flying rules for my flying Hive Tyrant. It was really nice until a Stormraven shot him with every conceivable weapon on the planet, including a mindstrike missle. 

I also liked the psychic rules. I really felt like there were a lot more options out there, some of them pretty vicious. I didn't realize that ANY psyker could drop a default power for a draw from the deck. I took that for a Broodlord and halfway through the game realized that you can't shoot lightning without a BS. Better luck next time Cami! 

All in all I learned. It was positive. I'm ready for more.

...with Eldar.