Wednesday, April 27, 2011

List - Genestealer Swarm

"This place crawls sir, we need retrieval!"

Everyone seems to be posting lists to their blogs, and I haven't done so in a while, so here goes. I've had lots of success with this list, or a variant thereof, so I'm throwing it into the interwebs. So far it's been vassal only, but I will be putting it on the table very soon. This list probably exists somewhere on the internet, and if so I'm sorry for not providing something new, but this is something that I have evolved from my own experience from the codex and feel that it's pretty solid. It's a straightforward, stompy-stomp towards the enemy list. It's designed to get across the board and into a fight and have enough bodies to do so with acceptable loss and still a 5+ (4+ for the venoms) cover save that goes with the army.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mordheim - Project(s) Update

A quick Easter update!

I've pretty much finished the wagon. I feel like there may be something more that I could do to it. Steps, secret compartments, something. I just can't figure out what that is though. I also carved a yoke! It's not the prettiest, but I put magnets in it and found a pair of horses to pull it along. I would like a couple of different ones, but these will do if nothing else shows up.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Win Vassal

At this point I've pretty much lost the game, but early on here was an exchange over fire on my Dire Avengers. A whole squad of Celestians had gunned down Yriel and moved in to try and dislodge them from my objective. They later got blown up to heavy bolter fire, but here's a transcription of what transpired. In case you don't chat in the chatbox over yonder ->, I'm Cami obviously. Carrie, of course you should know.

Update; with only a pair of mobile tanks left, I have lost. Carrie snuck one faaaar out squad into a lone rhino and sped across the board for the win. The rhino had come in, dropped it's unit off then sped away after losing a weapon. I totally spaced that she had loaded troops into it. MVP of the game was no doubt Cannoness Angelica Cross. She wounded my Autarch, made him run, ran him down because that wasn't good enough, shot him through the leg then "fed him his own tailbone" in the ensuing combat. Not thinking that was enough, she ran down the Wave Serpent that had shot she and her squad up earlier as it was speeding away, cracked open an engine cover, shoved a melta bomb into it and dodged the shrapnel as it exploded into a fireball.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus...

Annabelle Evarion's wagon commission (for my upcoming Mordheim Merchant Caravan warband) is rolling right along. I'm still not finished with it though. She's now telling me there needs to be a roof on it. Of course, Magnet Princess that I am, I'm going to make it removable. Who knows when she'll turn up with large cargo, or if the the weather is nice.

I still haven't found the proper horses to pull the wagon though. Fortunately the next campaign won't start for a couple more weeks still.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's going on?

I'm still around. Just a little update on my updates (or lack thereof).

Sisters; still slightly stalled. I'm about to go outside and prime all the bare metals though. That's progress right?

Mordheim; I nearly finished painting my final model, a Centigor, for my beastman warband just in time to have him murdered by a dwarf warband. Won the fight, but that was a chunk of gold I won't see again. Still, the Vampire player has been doing far worse. Lost his vamp and now his Necro is blind in one eye.

Mored 'heim; My Merchant Caravan list is almost final. I've got half the figures painted and the wagon is nearing completion. I had to cast some wagon wheels using InstantMold. This stuff is fantastic!! I was going to write a review, but MiniatureWargameConversions said everything I was going to and better. It's said that you shouldn't use an exothermic medium to cast with, but my 2-part plastic is exothermic, and did fine. I cast 4 wheels and none of them seemed to have any degredation in the detail.

Fiction; Currently working on another short story. This one from Farseer Elorrah's viewpoint.

Real Life Oh Noes! Commissar Carrie over at Inquisitork is in the hostpital! Go visit her blog and tell her to get her ass back to the compy stat! I miss my friend.

...and she's got a story to finish.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sisters Project - 2nd model

 I am much happier with the way this model has come out. Perhaps its the banner. The banner is very pretty. I couldn't have asked for better, myself. It might also be that I painted over a grey primer. The first was over white. I can't see any difference in them when side by side, so I dunno. I have a can and a half of grey, so the ones I just stripped will be getting a grey base, methinks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fiction - New Orders

(I've actually had this story in my head since seeing Inquisition seemingly moved from Sisters of Battle to Grey Knights. Time unfortunately has been against me lately and I have been unable to post it.)

Inquisitor Seriphena Weston walked out upon the landing platform, her armored boots ringing on the deck plating. The stormtroopers standing guard stood a little straighter when she passed. She recognized trooper Pavkin and greeted him warmly. She approached the Valkyrie that was perched on the deck like a crouching beast. She could see the pilot going through pre-flight rituals. Servitors were loading crates and equipment into the rear door. Some of the battle sisters were loading ammo crates into the side door. Seriphena grabbed one end of an ammo crate with her free hand and helped a sister she didn't recognize load a crate. She smiled as the sister thanked her. Seriphena stepped aside as Sister Superior Annalisa walked over and the two exchanged the formal pleasantries before settling into a less formal conversation. Seriphena liked that some of the sisters could feel comfortable around her. She knew that Inquisitor Husqmann was far more formal and ... stuffy with the girls. Well he was stuffy with everyone actually.