Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recharged! I needed that.

I don't know if I overdosed on gaming or not yesterday, but even my dice are tired. (I did in fact do a little shopping afterward, so that may have added to the exhaustion)

I got in my 2 (makeup) weekly games of Mordheim yesterday and one very large 40k battle with a good friend I haven't seen in a while. We wound up doing a 2 v 2 battle since the store was so crowded. It was Grey Knights & Space Wolves vs. Eldar and (my) Tyranids. Noah wound up having to leave at the end of turn 4, but he had managed to dislodge the Imperial forces from their (C&C) objective, whereas I had about 16 Stealerbugs piled atop ours. I had another nearly-full brood holding the hill after a failed charge from the Blood Claws (go venomthrope!!) It was still anyone's fight, since there was a Stormraven full of Paladins on it's way to our own objective.

In Mordheim (or Cathay, since we're playing Bordertown Burning) I had two (technical) losses, but since I'm playing the Merchant role to the hilt, I feel like I made out pretty well. I made enough money (selling warhorses) to purchase a 4th crossbowman for my team and my 2nd Trade Wagon. Now I just have to build it.
Annabelle supervises the construction of the
new 'Luxury' model wagon.

Tah-daa! So far so good. I'm basing it off a gypsy wagon(s) design I saw. I'm still very lacking on wheels but I am working on that. Running out of casting material too, that's not so good. I'm researching alternate wagon wheel sources though.

I also have to get a hunting rifle painted up and modeled for young Sarah Jayne (the halfling in the photo). Talented up from the marksmen squad, she immediately picked up 'weapons master' and I should have enough money in a game or two, if the horse market is doing well enough. I am also going to pick up a couple of Blackguards and my 2nd Knight. I've had the most trouble finding an armored and both on-foot and mounted female. I had decided on Eowyn, since I have a Rohan Captain as the other Knight, but as soon as I decided that, GW stopped sending all those figures to retailers. I long thought that Eowyn would be my first Finecast model, but that's not happening now. I've found a model in the Reaper range that has a mounted and unmounted version, just as separate pieces. She'll definitely fit a young and spunky daughter/knight for me.

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