Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First 6th Edition 40K Game

I finally had an opportunity last week to get to the soon-to-be local game store while I was in town signing the lease to my new place. I brought my bugs because I was erroneously thinking that not having a lot of shooting (and focusing on just moving) would keep the complications down for me learning the new rules. 

I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Just because I'm doing very little shooting doesn't mean I'm not TAKING a crap ton of fire. After watching a broodlord get chewed up by tons of failed 'look out sir!' rolls, I realized that moving units is complicated! I caught on to the shooting/wound allocation stuff fairly quickly. I had the concept of the movement differences when I read the rulebook before, however I didn't realize the impact that it had for my Genestealers. Oh you poor poor stealerbugs. 

I relied on move, run, charge so much before (and throw in a dash of really awful charge moves) that now I've had a staggering blow to my faith in my skittering little minions. Argue dice averages all you like, but I really don't feel it's the same. I used to have a guaranteed 13" of charge and now I only have an 8" charge. While it's handy for the larger bugs and the ones without fleet, the stuff that relied on fleet is severely hampered now. In this I am disappointed. 

I DID like the flying rules for my flying Hive Tyrant. It was really nice until a Stormraven shot him with every conceivable weapon on the planet, including a mindstrike missle. 

I also liked the psychic rules. I really felt like there were a lot more options out there, some of them pretty vicious. I didn't realize that ANY psyker could drop a default power for a draw from the deck. I took that for a Broodlord and halfway through the game realized that you can't shoot lightning without a BS. Better luck next time Cami! 

All in all I learned. It was positive. I'm ready for more.

...with Eldar.

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