Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feelin' Orky!

So I'm headed to the LGS today, and figured I'd share what I'm taking. Special thanks to Commissar Carrie for her helpful telling me what to do suggestions.

2000 Pts - Warboss Gazbakk's Warmob

HQ: Big Mek Whizzgutz. 'eavy Armor, Cybork Body, Shokk Attack Gun (110 pts)
HQ: Warboss Gazbakk. 'eavy Armor, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Shoota/Skorcha (105 pts)
Troops: 9 x Nobz w/ Big Choppa, x 1 Bosspole + 1 Painboy. All in 'eavy Armor. + Trukk w/ Red Paint Job and Ram (375 pts)

Elite: Lootas 10 x Boyz (150 pts)
Elite: Burna Boyz 11 x Boyz (165 pts) 

Troops: Boyz 11 x Boyz, 1 x Rokkit + Trukk w/ Plank, Red Paint Job, Ram (126 pts)
Troops: Boyz x 18 Boyz + 1 Nob w Klaw, Bosspole. 1 x Big Shoota(159 pts)
Troops: Boyz 19 x Boyz + 1 Nob w Klaw, Bosspole. 2 x Big Shoota (170 pts)
Heavy Support: Battlewagon; Armor Plates, Deff Rolla, Rigger, Kannon, Big Shoota x 2 (145 pts)
Heavy Support: 3 x Killer Kans 2 x Grotzooka & Riggers, 1x Big Shoota, x 3 Armor Plates(170 pts)
Fast Attack: 5 x Deffkoptas w/ TL Rokkits and x 1 Buzzsaw (250 pts)
Heavy Support: 2 Zzap Guns w/ 9 Gretchin crew.(75 pts)

1 comment:

  1. I'd find a way to stick a Grabby Klaw on that trukk with a plank. It totally makes a huge difference when you can temporarily immobilize a vehicle before getting your CC hits in on it. I'd also put a Burna on the Big Mek, but that's because I am totally paranoid about those 5,5 rolls.