Friday, February 11, 2011

A quick note on Orks by Farseer N'kurrik

We have discovered an inherent weakness in Orks battle tactics. They often employ psychic orks they call 'weirdboys' or 'warpheads'. These so-called psykers seem to have very little control over their powers and act more of a leak in a container rather than a conduit channeling psychic energy. Even the exodites have far better control.

In a recent attack upon a maiden world that had been settled by and subsequently wrested away from human colonists, a small defense force was attacked by ork raiders. We are still trying to figure out where they came from, but of note was one of these weirdboys. This creature came charging towards the lines amongst a large group of it's brethren. There seems to be a slightly stronger psychic emittance from the larger groups. The observance my friends is this, the Farseer's runes of warding flared twice and after that the so called ork psyker lay dead. It was later found lying on his back, one eye burned completely from it's misshapen skull and the oddest smile on it's face. They seem to have no defenses at all to the dangers of the warp. Combine that with the total lack of control they have over their powers and they show no match whatsoever for our own psychic ability.

The Eldar force had taken up a defensive posture in some of the human ruins that remained on the planet. The orks came on strong and fast, charging towards the defenses heedlessly. Only 2 forces broke through the perimeter though, but one was taken out with sniper fire and flamers from the Wraithlord. The other, a trukk full of the larger orks called 'noobs' (to my rememberance) crashed through a ruined building, poured out and engaged the wraithguard in combat. The wraithguard were overcome, and the orks barricaded themselves in one of the buildings there. They were soon dealt with though, once the Wraithlord brought it's flamers over and filled the building full of fire.

The maiden world remains safe... for now.


  1. Is this a stylized batrep, or generic fluff? Great job of staying in character (though, farseers are known for seeing possibilities in the future, so I doubt they'd be surprised by seeing an ork weirdboy in the flesh).

  2. Stylized batrep. Started as just an observation but I can't just make something simple. :p

    Well Farseer N'kurrik isn't known for his great far seeing abilities. He's pretty good at sweeping up though and makes a great cheese dip.

  3. Velveeta + Rotelle = Doom of the Eldar

  4. Yes. we do so try to keep him out of the kitchen.