Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did ya miss me?

I've been quite busy despite the lack of posting (and I am apologetic/guilt-ridden about that). The job training is finally over though and hopefully I will have a bit more time. This is perhaps a joke though, since there have been some (rather wonderful) personal developments of late.

Nay, I do solemnly type that I will endeavor to blog on a more regular schedule. I have to you see, I've got two of them now!!

I did get some painting and games in, and aside from one or two minis I don't yet have, the Mordheim warband is done. I have to buy yet another knight, since he fell in battle and was crushed to death by said horse (who also died, sad to say). Daemonic Warhorses don't grow on trees, y'know! For now we're going to have to just deal with 5 BS5 crossbowmen and a BS6 hired elf and Sarah Jayne (also BS6) and her rifle of doom.

The War Dolls project is off and running now. You can see the chatbox here or click on the link there. We've got some great girls on board right now and are looking for more. If you are interested let us know in a comment, chatbox or email! We have some great things planned, and are always getting more ideas.


  1. Wow these are serious wagons, one is a double-decker transport. Is any of this stuff recent hobbying?

    I was curious as to why Christian had linked an 'Eldar blog' to Liber Malefic! Then I noticed Mordheim was listed in the sidebar of your blog.



  2. Well thanks!! They're fairly recent, within the last year I believe.

    Yeah It's an ever-increasingly inaccurate blog title. I had originally intended it to be a (the?) online port of call for all things Iybraesil, but I should likely change the name to something more about me.

  3. Ha grand job. There are time stamp without actual dates on the posts. Dates show on your comments field though, weird.

    I was under the impression we were only linking blogs 'dedicated' to Mordheim! How many can there be I suppose!? Great use of vehicles.

    At first I wanted to name my blog the Halfling Cookbook! Cianty wasn't impressed. :(