Monday, July 4, 2011

Mordheim - Obituary and Report

Jethro seems to be out of his head in this photo.
Today we mourn the loss of Ser Norbert Allengaard. Noble Knight and recovering alcoholic who was hired to protect Miss Annabelle's caravan and enterprise. In the caverns below Mount Motusin, while on an egg run, he was terribly mauled by a sabretusk. The ogre allies that the caravan was working with fled after one of their number was swallowed whole by the wyrm that dwelled inside those caverns. Wisely retreating, the caravan escaped, but had to leave behind the body of Ser Norbert. It was only later that they discovered that the old man had, in fact, survived, but was captured by a roving band of Chaos Warriors. He was thrown into their fighting pits and subsequently killed for certain this time. That's just what they do. Miss Annabelle was quoted as saying "We shall miss Ser Norbert, but at least we still have his horse, that saves us a good deal of money."

The new 'luxury' model wagon.
While on a later quest for information (and finding a new Knight to pledge his service) in the town of Mulderberry they were set upon by Chaos Marauders and some crazies out of Nuln with a lot of guns. The latter were not interested in striking a deal, being after the same information coincidentally and the former were just plain crazy. Some of the crew were still rather upset about the loss of Ser Norbert and executed the Marauders with extreme prejudice. Sarah Jayne was rather trigger happy with her crossbow, and Melman the apprentice actually ran one down with the cart. Despite the Nulnians (is that a word?) injuring most of the horses (including the previously mentioned one, now ridden by Ser Varlo) Melman managed to drive over one of the opposition and they fled after. Ser Varlo did survive despite his horse falling on him, and the draft horses were all okay after some untangling and poultices. The information turned out to be worthless though (but they did buy one of Miss Annabelle's fine warhorses), so it's on to the next town.

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