Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life, the 40k universe and everything else...

So I believe that my crises are over finally and I can soon resume some semblance of what I call normality. I've landed a good job, have some great roommates and actually picked up a paint brush this weekend in forever. I'm starting slow though - preparing some character minis for an upcoming Rogue Trader game I intend on running.

I've skimmed over the 6th edition rules and will be picking up the rulebook soon enough. I've really tried avoiding all the rumors (not hard when you aren't actively blogging and chatting) so that my read will be untainted and without expectation. So far I'm liking what I see. I'm eagerly pushing forward in order to read the flyer and allies rules.

I did continue painting the Caesta Rosa Sisters, but lack of adequate painting space crippled me somewhat. I believe I'm going to put them on hold and start my overhaul of the Emporer's Children since I have heard a rumor that Chaos Marines will be one of the first 6th ed codices. I've got a tiny space next to my computer but working on it. Once I can get things out of storage I'll be able to set up a little more properly. It's just hard to look at all the damage and not get choked up.

Back in March my storage unit was broken into. They were hunting jewelry and went through a lot of boxes and bags. They damaged furniture and turned over things. They toppled over my shop light and there is broken glass, scattered dice and jewelry findings/beads everywhere. They dug through my Orks box and damaged some of them. It was very disheartening. I'm very happy the Eldar and Bugs were here with me. If anything had happened to them I'd have been devastated.

I've pondered lately changing up my blog format and/or theme. I have found myself refraining from posting 'real life' things here in the interim as I felt they weren't related to what my followers might be interested in. I may consider a 3rd blog instead, I'm not sure just yet. Imagine that, the Farseer is unsure. We will see though.

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