Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sixth Edition 40k - Reflection on Shining Spears

I finished reading the rules and am quite happy with what I've seen. I already have some ideas and think that one of my favorite Eldar units - Shining Spears will do a LOT better now. Hammer of Wrath non-withstanding, having a constant 4+ cover save and can pretty much ignore terrain now (both because of Skilled Rider). The only question I have is can they charge into combat since they are "never slowed by difficult terrain". Previously any time you rolled; Dangerous or Difficult, caused you to strike last in combat. Now only Difficult states that rule and bikes only roll for Dangerous. If we can move through terrain I say we've got a pretty nifty unit here. Even if not the case, they have definitely improved and that's without even having a new codex!

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  1. I think that the fact that bike charges aren't slowed down by difficult terrain (pg 45) does not negate the print in bold (pg27) that states if a single model assults through difficult terrain that they strike at Init 1. It doesn't state the terrain is ignored, just they aren't slowed down by it. However, I would say that the Hammer of Wrath attacks are still resolved at Init 10.