Saturday, November 10, 2012

Misdirected Creativity.

I had every intention to participate in Nanowrimo, but with my own twist. I was going to make a concerted effort to write here and over on The War Dolls rather than a novel (as per the Nanowrimo guidelines). I got misdirected though. This is the story of how.

 I am working on teaching a new player that I met at work. Somehow the subject of campaigns came up and I literally saw his Space Wolf ears perk up. So I called up my old campaign packet and let him read it. While he did that, I read over it again, having intended to complete it one day. I had never created special abilities for several races (they weren't in the campaign at the time). As I read, I had so many fresh ideas for it and how to bring it in line with 6th ed. By the time he finished reading I was already writing.

This last week has been very productive. Ideas are just pouring out. I've poked around at the LGS and found that there's a lot of interest in playing in the campaign and that's helpful as well. I'll be posting details soon enough.

So I HAVE been writing. Just on paper. Imagine that!!

Back soon!

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