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The Cami-Paign Player Packet

Well I believe that I'm to the point where I can call this done, save for some Q&A and picking it apart. I've completed the player section of my campaign rules. Woot! I'm still tweaking the race specific section, and those will be included in each player's personal packet, customized for their own race/army. 

Next, I have to create some star systems. I'm pretty amazing like that.

Without further blabbing - 'Ere we go!!

Cami-paign Rules Packet Version 2.0 alpha (November, 2012)
Written by Cami B.
Special thanks to: Chris, Cory, Devin, Noah, DaMachine and ProdigalSon

Please feel free to use this document as you wish. If you want to modify this document for your own use, keep my name as the original credit.

This campaign packet is designed to support a map-based, story driven campaign for Warhammer 40k. In the initial run (and it is intended that), army abilities were hidden from other players.

Game Turn (2 week interval) Underlined items are performed by the Campaign Mistress (CM), Italicized items require both CM and Player involvement.  

1.                    Movements are executed.
2.                    Players receive Turn Packets
3.                    Players roll for random events. Players then resolve conflicts, if not done in 2 weeks, Defender wins by default. Routers fall back to nearest a. friendly or b. neutral Location (battle must be fought if a N army exists in that Location). If either a. nor b. exist, Routing army is destroyed/lost. Player reports results to CM.
4.                    Resolution; conflicts, cleanup (new point totals), roll for any Discoveries.
5.                    Players submit new orders, movements and/or Army Lists and hand in Turn Packets. Players may freely communicate with one another, but messages via Turn Packet are highly suggested. Please be prompt about turning in your Turn Packet. Initiative (if needed) will be determined in the order that they are received. A map is available at [Location] to specify which Location on a Planet you wish to move to or attack. Orders are due at the [time TBD].
6.                    Orders processed, movement, random happenings and conflicts noted.
7.                    Turn Packets updated.

Basic Rules

(Any rule marked with X does not apply to Tyranids.)

Players start with one ‘Ship’ that supports 500 Supply points for your Army. Vehicles and Heavy Support units may not be taken with these points. Other point increases are gained by capturing Locations and by building Facilities. The Army supported by a single Ship my not be split up and must adhere to the Force Organization chart (as modified below), with the exception of any unit with the Scout or Infiltrate rule. Scouts or Infiltrators may infiltrate Locations without engaging enemies and report what forces are there. Scouts or Infiltrators can be detected (and thereafter attacked) by any unit with ‘detecting’ type abilities. This is a automatic, passive roll made by the CM. The Primary Ship may never be lost. Ships are considered “Friendly” when an army falls back from a Location.

Starting Armies must come from their appropriate Codex, with these restrictions;
·                     No Special/Named/Unique Characters
·                     No Allies except what are made or gained in the course of the game.
·                     All models must be WYSIWYG (because Army lists may be kept secret)
·                     1 compulsory Troops (instead of two) choice for each Army, unless a unit has the Scout or Infiltrate special rules.
·                     1 Primary HQ is compulsory for the entire force. Other forces will have Secondary HQs.

Army Point totals are considered Supply points. At the beginning of each campaign turn the Army List may be restructured as much as the player wishes. The exceptions to this are; any unit that has gained experience/abilities (p243 5th ed 40k Rulebook) from previous campaign action, The primary HQ unit, and other units that may be designated later by the CM. Any such units are ‘fixed’ and cannot be changed, except to supply the squad back to the original size. Supplying a unit back to original size and multiple wound units can be healed to full at their Ship or if a Location contains a Medicae Facility. A fixed unit that has been reduced in size still costs the full Supply Points.

Should the Primary HQ or any other fixed unit be reduced to zero wounds/models during the course of the battle, they are obviously out of the battle for the time being. After the battle they can be recovered on a 5+. Primary HQ rolls 4+. If the battle was won, add +1 to the die roll.

All ship to ship combat will be narrative if it occurs. There may be ship/hulk boarding actions however, as I own a couple of copies of Space Hulk.

Armies can move one location per campaign turn. This can either be from one Planetary Location to another, or from Ship to a Planetary Location. If the Location is occupied by a non-aligned or non-allied Army, a battle will ensue. An Army attacking from Ship can choose to strike the Location directly via Planetstrike (Planetfall mission) battle or by landing outside the limits of the Location and marching in. Should the latter be chosen, a normal battle is rolled for, but the ‘defending’ player gets to set up terrain and choose which side the ‘attacker’ comes in on. First turn is still rolled for as normal. Should the Army march on a normal (as per BRB) battle is played with the exception that mission type is rolled for as followed; 1-3 Seize Ground, 4-5, Capture & Control, 6 Annihilation. Any objectives should be placed as close to Facilities as possible, but are otherwise placed as per the rulebook.

Should the Primary HQ be killed, move orders cannot be issued for the following campaign turn while forces are restructured and a new Primary HQ is promoted/selected/grown.


Each Planet has 1 or more Locations. Each Location is worth a number of points representing supply. Capturing (controlling) Locations increases a Players Supply point total. Losing those Locations will diminish a Player’s Supply total.

Aetismare: This value is the bonus points you gain for controlling all Locations on that Planet.

Ship travel between neighboring Planets will take one full game turn. Moving from one Location to another on the same Planet (including a Moon) can be done in the same turn; an Army can move and attack in the same turn.

X Capturing or building a Spaceport Location will grant another Ship for the Army. Supply Points for this ship are included in the Spaceport. Alternatively a garrison may be left on a Planet, but supported by that planet’s points alone. Either way, each ‘new’ Army point size must be determined at the time of split. Each Army should be clearly designated so there’s no confusion about what is where (including fixed units).

Other Locations may have other rules, but those will be explained when obtained.

X An Army can spend a turn razing a Location. A razed Location will be worth 25 Supply.

Location Terms
·                     Small: Game is played on a 4’ x 4’ table.
·                     Med: 4’ x 6’ table
·                     Large: 8’ x 8’ table (if possible)
·                     Rural: Terrain must consist of at least 50% trees. Ships cannot land at this Location unless it’s the only Location on a Planet or the only option.
·                     City: Terrain must consist of at least 50% city/buildings (intact if possible)
·                     Ruin: Terrain must consist of at least 50% ruins.
·                     Dead: Terrain must be moonscape or barren.
·                     Crystal Fields: Terrain must be at least 50% crystal
·                     Water - The terrain must contain at least 25% water features.

A Location cannot have more than 50% terrain on the table.

Facilities X

Facilities may be built at a Location you control for the following costs, but must be represented on the battlefield by the appropriate model. If destroyed in battle, then that Facility is lost until rebuilt. If the battle is lost and an Army is forced to retreat from a location, all Facilities at that Location are lost to the enemy. If 3 or more Medicae, Fortification, Manufactorium or Bastions are built at a Small Location, that Location increases to a Medium Location and doubles the Location’s Supply Point production (to a maximum of 300). A Spaceport or Defense Laser can only be built at Medium Locations, and only a Large Location can support both of these Facilities.

·                     Medicae – 50, produces 20 SP/turn
·                     Spaceport – 500, produces 150 SP/turn (includes a comms relay)
·                     Shield Generator - 100, limit 3 per Location
·                     Fortification - 100, produces 50 SP/turn
·                     Aegis Line – as rulebook, produces 25 SP/turn
·                     Bastion – as rulebook, produces 50 SP/turn
·                     Manufactorium 200, produces 50 SP/turn
·                     Supply Dump – 50, counts as both Ammo and Fuel dump
·                     Minefields and Defense Lines (6” section) – 30 per section
·                     Automated Turret / Interceptor Gun – 50 per (limited to # of Bastions at Location)
·                     Landing Pad – as rulebook, produces 25 SP/turn
·                     Shrine/Statuary - 50, see rulebook.
·                     Defense Laser – 350 per campaign turn

A Fortification is an AV14 building with no weapons. The Building has 1 fire point per side unless otherwise modeled, one access point and can hold one infantry unit inside or on top of the building.

Bastion: As datasheet.

Manufactorum allows for the building of Vehicle units and Heavy Support units within the Army(s). It must be represented by an AV12 building if the Location where it is built is attacked.

Medicae allows for any fixed units to replenish between battles without returning to the Ship. It also allows one unit within 2” of the structure to receive the Feel no Pain rule.

A Spaceport is an AV13 building or buildings that takes up at least a 10” x 10” section. It includes a landing pad or runway, comms relay and 2 interceptor guns. Spaceports may take a Defense Laser at 200 points if at a Large Location.
Interceptor guns: Quad-Gun R 48” S7 AP4 Heavy 4, Twin Linked, Interceptor
                           Icarus Lascannon R 96” S9 AP2 Heavy 1, Interceptor
Mars Pattern Heavy Bolter Turret R 36” S5 AP4, Twin Linked, Heavy 3, Interceptor

Defense Lasers are monstrous sized weapons for use in repelling invading ships. See the Defense Laser datafax for details. Can only be built at a Medium or larger Location. They consume large amounts of power and are taxing on an Army’s supply. Each race may have special rules concerning this weapon.

A Supply Dump may be used to store excess Supply Points each turn from that Location and any Ships that may be at the Planet. Points are stored at 75% ratio (4 SP excess buys 3 SP in the Supply dump). On any given turn the SP in the Supply Dump may be drawn upon to bolster an Army’s points for that turn only. (e.g. If there are 200 points stored in a Supply Dump, and the turn’s Supply points are 700 points; then the Army could have 900 points in SP for that turn, thereby emptying the Supply Dump). A Supply Dump’ points can also be used in Emergency Defense of the Location in case of an attack of that Location. Facilities may not be built with these points in Emergency Defense.


Each Army begins with 3 Planetary Bombardments on their Primary Ship if that Ship is at the Planet the Army is fighting on. The Player must declare how many are being committed to the battle before it begins. A Ship may fire 1 per game turn after a successful Reserves roll has been made. This attack may be made in addition to any character/army Bombardments or Firestorms. Only one roll per game is needed. Unless otherwise specified, each Bombardment is S9 AP3 Ordinance Barrage 1 and always scatters 2d6” with no adjustment, even on a ‘hit’ result. Additional Planetary Bombardments may be purchased (to a maximum of 3) at the Supply cost below.

·                     Planetary Bombardment – 100

Eldar – S9 AP2 Blast 1, Pinning, Lance
Space Marines – S10 AP1 Ordinance Barrage 1
Tau – Same as written, but on a ‘hit’ result may discard the highest d6.
Necrons, Daemons, Dark Eldar – None Available.

Allies and Multiple combatants

An Army may ally with other Armies whenever they like, but only if allowable in the main rulebook matrix

Allies follow all rules given on page 112 of the main rulebook. Should three or more opposed forces engage in battle, then roll for initiative and proceed as normal. Models will only fight in an assault phase that they are participating in. e.g. If Army A and B have models engaged in close combat, then they will not fight on Army C’s assault phase unless attacked by that Army’s models.

Discoveries X

The universe is a large and sometimes strange place. There is equipment left behind in wars, artifacts left from ancient civilizations and hordes left behind by pirates and traders. Some Locations will have an opportunity to discover these items. Upon arriving at a Location and resolving any possible battles, the conquering Player may roll to see if any discoveries are made. If wargear is discovered it may be added to Characters/HQ that have previously been fixed. Any abilities granted by Discovered Wargear that is equipped by a unit will be conferred to any unit that it joins or is joined by. A discovery is made on a 2d6 roll of 10+. Any psykers present may add +1 to the roll. A Techmarine/Techpriest/etc may add another +1 if present.

Discovery Items (d20)
1.         Roll twice, choose one.
2          Unit gains a permanent +1 to Deny the Witch rolls..
3          Activate webway. May activate any warpgate (not Arch). Eldar and Dark Eldar should reroll.
4          Free Planetary Bombardment of choice. This may exceed the limit.
5.         Warp Jump device. Unit may Deep Strike each turn.
6          Time Shifter/Archaeo boosters. Ship is now fast and one less turn in transit.
7          Speed Burst. Unit gains Fleet
8          Stealth Device. Unit gains 1-2; Infiltrate, 3-4; Scout, 5-6; Night Fighting
9          Mysterious Charm. Character may reroll 1 failed armor save per battle.
10        Ancient Field Tech. Character gains Inv save. D6: 1-3 – 5+, 4-5 – 4+, 6 – 3+
11        Psychic power; Character gains Psychic ability/item
12        Ancient Weapon. Character gains a Power Weapon that’s +1S, +1I
13        Syphon weapon. Any wounds inflicted by a chosen weapon may be used to ‘heal’ Character.
14        Lava Lance/Blade/Hammer. CCW that is S6 AP2 Melta
15        Thermal/Super vision. Unit ignores any Night Fighting rolls needed.
16        Master Crafted. One item of wargear gains Master Crafted
17        Supercharged engines. Vehicle gains ‘Fast’
18        Leftovers. Free transport option. +1 Front AV if Psyker or Tech in army.
19        Daylight control. Turn on/off Night Fighting rules at beginning of own move phase.
20        Hellblaster Weapon/Ammo. Character can replace weapon used with the following weapon. R Template S8 AP2 Melta, Heavy 1, Pinning.

Random Events (2D6 roll)

2.         Space Hulk! – A Space Hulk barrels it’s way out of the Warp near this planet. It will drift across the map slowly. What secrets might it contain?!?
3.         Machine Curse – Randomly select one of your vehicles, then randomly select one of it’s wargear items or special rules (Repair, Fleet, etc). That item or rule doesn’t function for the duration of this game.’Transport’ is not affected by Machine Curse.
4.         Veteran Unit – A grizzled old unit, left behind by some previous force years before offers to join your army. Details will be on the unit card. Unit counts as ‘Battle Brothers’ ally regardless of race. Veteran Unit is self sufficient and doesn’t cost any supply.
5.         Out of Gas! – One random vehicle in your army begins any battle immobilized unless you control a fuel dump at this Location. It may be repaired as normal during the course of a battle and given movement orders as normal after any such battles.
6 - 8 – Uneventful
9.         Intercept – Another’s army’s orders have been partially intercepted, forseen or predicted.
10.       Promotion – One randomly selected veteran unit (that has gained experience) with a character leader, has been singled out for commendation (or whatever passes for that race). Permanently reduce the size of the unit by 1 (as another steps up to fill the role of the promoted sgt, champion, etc). You may then add a single model, with the same wargear and veteran ability(s) that also includes “Independent Character” for type. This model can serve as an HQ but does not take up a Force Org slot otherwise.
11.       Terrible Weather - A wicked storm rolls in and the Location cannot be moved into or out of in the following turn. During any ensuing battles, Night Fight is in effect. Any bombardments or firestorms scatter an extra D6” due to high winds and poor visibility.
12.       Wormhole – A wormhole has been discovered at this Planet that leads to the other side of the map. Or does it?

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