Monday, January 31, 2011

It has begun - The Sisters Project

From the Sisterhood of the Rosa Caestu, here comes my first Sister of Battle. I was helped by CommissarCarrie, whom I consider a dear friend and my personal expert on Witch Hunters. Of course HER help would have involved pink guns as well, so I feel like it was a decent compromise.

Now I have several minis to strip down and there are about 6 different paint jobs in the army. This army changed hands several times before reaching mine and everyone had a go at the paint scheme. I really liked the original blue/white but was really trying NOT to paint another blue army. Sorry Devin!

The only problem is there are no vehicles other than Rhinos in the army. I've got enough pieces to put together one Immolator but that really isn't going to help. My plan is to have all the figs painted by the time the Codex comes out later this year or early next year and then pick up the possibly new vehicles then. Since I paint vehicles pretty quick I should have a fully operational army almost when the book hits the shelves!


  1. erm....... hm. pink is not for me, but I'm glad to see it work for someone. can't wait to see them all together!