Saturday, August 13, 2011

Necrons leaked?

Not quite. But it would've been funny!

In my recent adventures, I had to move some old books of mine and by chance the White Dwarf containing the first ever Necron rules fell out of the stack. I swiped it up and re-visited it. Necron warriors were scarier than I remembered. Toughness 5 with a 2+ save. Yeouch. And while "we'll be back" only worked on a 6, on a 2+ you got to try again. Fearless. And Disruptor zone. Scary for vehicles, but gross for infantry. It must be remembered that at the time (2nd ed) Chainswords were S4, Power swords S5 or 6 and a two handed power axe was S7. They also only had negatives to armor saves, not 'ignores armor'. Fun Stuff!!

It had been a little while since I'd gotten a game in, but managed to get up to the LGS on Tuesday for a little bit, where I played a little Magic (*gasp*) and Mordheim, and actually taught someone how to play it as well.
Things are finally settling down as far as work goes, and I have Sisters on my table ready for a brush. I know I"m too little too late to finish my army now, as the "codex" is coming soon. I also have to admit that my farseer powers failed me. I was hoping for a whole book. I'm sad to see that there aren't even new models. but I'm yet holding on to hope that they'll pop up once the White Dwarf issue comes out. I didn't see any guard/arbites models on the GW site, and if the 'leaked' pages were to be believed, then there should be some guardsmen in the mix there somewhere. Regardless, the Sisters Project goes on.

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