Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Sisters Project

The girls have been worked on, albeit slowly. I'm almost done with my second batch (which will bring me to 11).  I'm probably not going to be ready in time for the dwarfdex release, as I've found a lot of bad primer runs and some recent trades needed stripping as well. Over half of my own primed models have a fuzzy feel to them, and some of the ones that were primed white (I prime grey on models that need flesh or bright color) were really heavily primed upon closer inspection. I stripped these recently and found they were just re-primed over a paint job prior. Eww.

Even re-cycling it, I'm going to need more Simple Green soon.

I still have 10 more that are primed and ready to paint, and my Seraphim, while not painted in my colors, ARE painted and therein legal to put on the table by my rules. Same goes for Cannoness Starr. Repentia are also primed, but I'm intimidated by those models and the sheer number of them.

In regards to the upcoming dwarfdex - I'm not seeing any Stormtroopers or Arco-Flagellants. Is it possible that these are gone altogether? This would disappoint me. Especially since I have 3 squads of Stormtroopers. One was for my Guard army, another for the Sisters (already had a test model painted) and the other was going to be a floater between the two.(*e* Oops, found Flagellants in HQ on GW's site. Silly me) I've always liked the Flagellants, they are pretty nifty models despite the age on the original sculpt.

Photos to come, someone borrowed my camera (for a very good cause).

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  1. They're turning out really well so far. The detail is amazing