Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sisters Project - Update Umpteen

I've gotten 'hold of points listings for the new Sisters "codex" and though I'm not thrilled, I'm set on this path, and as always, more into the modeling than the gaming, so we're definitely off and running. I'm actually behind, since they are now 'out'. I've been set back again and again by poor priming. I bought some Army Painter primer last week at the LGS, but have not been impressed so far. The results of the test model I did were fine, but then when I did the batch, they all came out fuzzy. Really fuzzy. It came off on my hands. EW! So another bottle of Simple Green and I'm stripping them all again.

In the mean time I've been painting vehicles. I've got one Rhino nearly done and another ready to purple-ize. I should have my Exorcist painted by the end of the day. I've finally got my Immolator turret coverted up and will be painting that shortly. I've got my ancient Immolator primed up and ready to paint as well, though the doors of such needs stripping.

I had a surprise day off Saturday. (I was playing around with the scheduling software last week and accidentally gave my shift away) I took the opportunity to clean up my work area. I photoed it before, but never posted, but here it is with the Sisters ready to go.

I've tallied points up (minus the Arcos) and the best I've been able to come up with is about 1800 points worth of the girls. This is unacceptable. (I'm running St. Celestine and a Cannoness for HQs, so no Priest to get the Arcos.) However, I figure that an Exorcist kit, and Rhino sprue will give me most of what I need for another Exorcist and Immolator. I do have enough Repentia for a second squad, but would need another Sister Superior for them before I could run them. I'm bouyed by the fact that they can ride in Rhinos now.

That (and St. Celestine) is about the only positive I can say about the "Codex" honestly. I don't want to rant too much, but the lack of options for the Cannoness really upset me. They've gelded the Immolator (shoulda been 'Fast') and though I don't mind D6 S8 AP1 shots, I really expected them to make it at least D3+2 shots. My Farseer powers have failed me.

Or maybe just thwarted by GW's sillyheads.

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