Saturday, September 10, 2011

Battle Report - Grey Knights! (vs Tyranids)

So for a long time now I've been curious about the whole Tyranids vs. Grey Knights thing. The internet (hi Internet!) seems to think that my buggles are no match for the Knights in shiny satin.

So I was actually challenged by one of the regulars (We'll call him Markus Aurelius) at the LGS the week prior after months of trash talking. sadly I had to postpone until this last week. We had actually semi-battled on the table of a 2v2 match, but we had been in opposite corners, and barely had traded punches. This time was different.

I showed up to the shop early on, as is my usual when in the company of Da Machine, but he could not make it, as he is busy with impending nuptuials (congrats hon!). So I busied myself with learning how to play this Warmachine thing, and possibly brokering away my Emporer's Children *sniffle*.

Some more taunting ensued via text, and finally Mr. Aurelius showed up with his ego in tow. ;) He also declared we play 2500 points! I had enough with me to add another 500 to my standard sneaky-bug list. I had just finished a warmup battle vs MOAR NIDS and though I lost, it was a very close battle. Swarmlord held the pass quite effectively.

So we set up in a ruined city, rolling a Sieze Ground/Spearhead mission. Markus won initative and picked a solid corner, quite near all three objectives we placed. He did set up rather clumped together, much to my (and Doom of Malan'tai's) delight. After he was set up I placed my two Biovores and declared everything else deepstriking or outflanking. I also managed to steal the initiative!! My biovores shot and though wounded a couple of Knights, didn't kill anyone. Markus' first turn - Dreadnanny shunts forward and zaps a biovore to death.

Second turn saw the Great White Hive Tyrant and Parasite (with Shrikes attending) come in, along with one of my stealerbug hordes (outflanking on the wrong end of the table), and carnifex. Great White and Parasite dropped in, flanking the the Dread Knight, his only way out was through the stealers. He chose to charge the shrikes while the Vindicare provided support. Only one shrike wounded him and he managed to pass his Ld test. The carnifex dropped behind cover, but the Land Raider in attendance found a 'sweet spot' and managed to put some assault cannon rounds through his eye, and the holes burned into him by some psycannons.

Next turn (and thereafter) the Great White Hive Tyrant charged in, brainleeches screaming from both guns, and smashed the exoskeleton to pieces. He was burned down shortly after by the approaching stormraven's lascannon. Meanwhile the warriors and another squad of stealerbugs approached from the WRONG EDGE, but one squad managed to get it right and came after Crowe and his gang. The stealerbugs managed to wreck a Rhino, but the Knights were able to repel them and send them running through the battlefield the wrong way. The knights simply turned around and shot them to pieces. This did however allow the Parasite to get the drop on the Stormraven and attacked and wrecked it!

Biovore and Warriors (who had reached the far (center board) objective) concentrated on the squad of grey knights perched on the middle objective. They had an accompanying Razorback with assault cannons that was working on keeping the first squad of genestealers at bay. The little assault cannon was working overtime, which you have to do when a full squad of genestealers is charging your position, but didn't keep them from overrunning the knight's position. The Razorback did however manage to contest the objective (and killsome stealerbugs too)

Meanwhile, back at the close objective that the knights all but had surrounded, Doom of Malan'tai decided to make his appearance (on turn 5) but it made such an impact. Dead center on the objective the mycetic spore fell and out poured the mighty Doom. Despite the combined fire of the remaining grey knights, Doom ate their souls by the brainfull. Even Crowe was not able to withstand the onslaught. Even the land raider fell before the mighty headbutt of Doom. At the end of turn 6, two knights remained in combat with the monstrosity. One carried a mighty thunder hammer that threatened to destroy the Doom (and make for a tie game). The hammer hit twice, wounded once and Doom made it's save for the win!

All in all a fantastic game. I took a mountain of fire and though I lost the Great White and carnifex early on, they still drew lots of fire allowing my valuable troops to get into position and do what they were bio-engineered to do. Eat faces. Doom really was pivitol in the game, despite failing to show until turn 5. I think had he dropped sooner, Markus would have been plenty dispersed and I wouldn't have gotten all the wounds from the Spirit Leech ability. I would have loved to see Parasite spawn lots of rippers, but he had bigger birds to take down. Despite all this, my opponent was very mindful of what he was doing and had some good strategy. He kept me on my toes but in the end, made a big pile of biomass.

I'm already getting called out for a rematch, but I think this time it may be Orks that show up.

By the way (thanks Noah) there's a new Vassal mod for 40k.


  1. Good job, sounds like a fun game! Nice to see Nids take down GK, and nice to see units like Parasite, Shrikes, and Biovores! Double internet denial!

  2. Hey! Just found your blog. I started working on an Iybraesil army last fall before I deployed. I got to put it on the table twice before I left around the time your blog got going.

    Interesting that you play nids too. I have a nid army that I still haven't found a way to make work well.

    It's funny that the Doom saved you in this game because of his late arrival. He's hit or miss, but I like him because he can really disrupt your opponent. If he was fast attack in a spore, I'd be more inclined to take him more often.

  3. So awesome to find another Iybraesil player! Welcome!!

    I've never had any problems with my bugs. I think the key is stealerbugs. Lots of them with no extra sauces. Team them up with a Venomthrope to keep those pesky bolters from ruining their saves or with a Tyrant with Old Adversary to give them Preferred enemy and they become right killy. I know the internet seems to love the toxin on them, but that just gets expensive in masse.

  4. Thanks for the welcome.

    When I was picking a craftworld I was thinking Biel-Tan because I wanted to do Aspect Warriors, but I was turned off by the color scheme and the thorns. When I saw Iybraesil with Hawk Turquoise and the fluff blurb about Morai Heg (=banshees) I was done. The "talk to the hand" or "band of the hand" craftworld symbol is icing on the cake.

    Have you followed Hulksmash's or Hyv3mynd's blog? They seem to do well with Stealers and Tervigons. I'm OK with Stealers, but I'm not a fan of Tervigons (mostly because there's no model).

    So I run mixes of trygons, raveners, warriors, hormagaunts (why can't there be a Horvigon?) a tyrant and/or prime, and the usual hive guard.

    I'm really trying to make a reserve army and I want to go nuts and put 9 zoanthropes in spores and see what happens.