Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Farseer is still alive..

Imperial vid-pic of a Chaplain shortly before he was pulped.
 I'm still here.

There's been a lot of things going on and without going into it, I just haven't had time or motivation to blog lately. I'll get better.

Doesn't mean I haven't been at play. I've still found time to get a few games in here and there. Lately my orks. I'll try and get a battle report up soonish.

The Sisters project is ongoing, and though not as fast as I'd like, it's getting done. Hopefully will have some photos of the girls soon.

 I recently ran out of Mechrite Red *gasp* while working on one of the Sisters Superior so went to my box for my Polly S "Demon Deep Red" which is still one of the coolest colors ever. Not as pigmenty as the Foundation stuff from GW but a damn good match.

I got to thinking that it was my last bottle of Polly S ever, but then after a few moments of digging found the rest of the family. The Frost Ivory is nearly dried up but still salvageable. These were (and still largely are) my favorite paints and the ones I started out with so very long ago. I'm now starting to use some P3 and Vallejo colors and liking them alot, which is a good thing since the LGS is no longer carrying GW paints. Which is fine with me because they keep raising prices and putting less paints in the pots.

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  1. Polly S. It's always great to see someone using stuff from outside "the hobby." I used to use Humbrol way back when I was building german tanks and such until I discovered the miracle of the water-soluble Polly S. I'm mostly a Vallejo model air user now. They come out thin and I really like the eyedropper bottle. I've moved a lot of my GW paints to eyedroppers too.