Monday, November 7, 2011


I have completed my MERCS team (to the best of my ability). There's a LOT of detail on these models and I kept going back and fiddling with them. My loving camera kept pointing out little spots, nooks and crannies that I missed and taunting me. I have gone and touched up these spots, but not taken new photos. Those will be along eventually I'm sure.

The one figure that's missing is my Kemvar Assassin. He's still missing his left arm (I can't locate it at the moment) so I didn't paint him with the gang. I am doing so now because I have a fabulous idea for him (due to his Active Camoflage) and perhaps it will look okay when I'm done. I'll make that another post.

So without wasting space with my meager words, here are some photos!

 Housemaster - She's the bosslady and can lay down some serious firepower. She also allows the team to use the 'Black Ops' ability.

USCR Sniper - The FCC's Black Ops ability  allows hiring of other MERCS. This guy can pin down opponents
with his harpoon gun, and has some pretty stout armour.

 This is Boomer. He carries a grenade launcher. He makes things go BOOM with his frag grenades! He also can switch to a secondary grenade type according to which MERC faction has joined up with Black Ops. As I have a USCR model in the group, he could use their Ice Grenades

The Liason - Offensively weak. His gun is short range (one card) only, He's got no secondary weapons. However He has a LDHF Shield that makes him harder to hit, he can grant a free action to a model once per game and he can allow the Black Ops 'guests' to use their corporate abilities (which they can't normally). This means that the USCR Sniper above will be immune to strength 1 weapons (Dense) and +1 to courage checks (Intimidate) as per his Corp Abilities 

Ok so obviously there were some words involved. The Imperial Guardsman pictured is a stand-in for my Pack Rat, which serves as the FCC's Medic and Monkeywrench (armor repair person) all in one. The kit for him wasn't available at the time. He's also got a Melee attack and a semi-auto rifle that can lay down some suppression fire or get two shots per turn if needed (at +2 FN). 

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