Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sisters project - ongoing

After a brief (ish) break to finish up my MERCS figures, I'm recharged enough to tackle my Sisters again. I'm not sure if I covered it before, but I painted one of my Flagellants and have begun on a Repentia as test models. I really am happy with the Priest and how fast he went. The Repentia went on the back burner when I picked up the MERCS. I've also been working on Celestine as well. Photos of those will come in time, I really am not a fan of WIP photos, at least not on the blog, though I have taken some.

Travis at Cool Mini or Not helped me out with Secret Weapons newish line of washes by pointing me to a shade that looks like it's going to be perfect for the Caesta Rosa's gauntlets. I've been mixing a new wash up each batch of girls I paint and it's frustrating trying to get it to match properly as you can imagine. This looks to be just what I need. I'll review it later.

I also got some tips on bases, and it looks like I'll be casting all of my Sister's bases when I'm ready to start working on bases. I'm nearly out of casting material, so that will have to wait a bit.

I am hoping to do a review of Super Dungeon Explorer soon, but haven't had a chance to play the game yet. Hopefully that will be here in the next blog or two.

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