Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blast from the Past - Space Wolves

I know I've used work to excuse my lack of progress on my blog but that will be changing soon. I've gotten the hang of things and have actually been commissioned to do some models. Woe! I have procrastinated the painting of my Harlequins for so long because I cannot do the little stripeys and diamonds that everyone else seems to. Thankfully my client (ooh I sound professional!!) handed me two other harleys and said, can you paint them like this? They are largely blue and black, so yes of course I can paint blue. I don't have an army that hasn't been blue of some sort!! Yay!

I'm actually seriously considering taking up my Red Corsairs after my Eldar just to keep from painting another one blue.

So since I have a lack of progress, I figured that we could look into the past at my near-original army. I thought I would never ever part with it. But once I heard they were getting a new 'uber' codex I said no, I will let it go. I got a HUGE nearly painted ork army in trade that woefully, hasn't set foot on a table under my command yet. I've always adored the orks, but never wanted to paint all the figures I'd have to in order to field them. This was what I needed. Obviously I'll never take them to tourney since I didn't paint them myself (I just don't DO that), but I wanted something for fun and what's more fun than a table full of orks?

But I digress, my Wolves were actually my second army, but my first focussed army. I began with Slaanesh marines, but only a few figures later began with the Wolves. I didn't play after 2nd switched to 3rd, but was drawn back in during 3.5 right before 4th ed came out. ProdigalSon drew me back in when he moved back to our hometown and began taking me to tourneys. I got lots of comments and kudos for having 'old school' models. I liked my theme, but went with the newer dreadnought because that other thing was just atrocious.

Anyway, Enjoy my walk down memory lane...


  1. Very cool - I particularly love the old Land Raider.

  2. Those old dreads were a sad sight, but its good to see the old models. I sold off my wolves ages ago, although I did keep the primarch, you'd think he would have been taller.

  3. Holy chain dagger Batman! Love that last squad!

  4. Thank you all! I really loved those models and had a great time painting them.

    @Brent; That Land Raider actually kept the lascannons intact for years. One was knocked off in the move but I was able to repair it. Anyone who's owned one of those tanks can relate how tough that can be.

    @Judd; I do actually still have a Russ myself. He is a bit short for a space marine... lol

    @Teacher; Thank you! I worked really hard on those 4. They were my pride and joy, other than the Wolf Lord and his Guard. The four were actually based on 'real' people from my LARPing days. One of the chain daggers (the stripey one) is actually shaved down from the old combat attatchment from the 'beaky' marines set.