Friday, September 24, 2010


Oh waiting can be so frustrating. Especially when you are on a creative 'roll'. I had such a streak going with my Parasite and flying warrior team. I've been stalled out though as I didn't have enough ravener talons for the Parasite (didn't have enough for the raveners either, which is why they never got put together) and no heads for the warriors.

I had also run out of scything talons for the Doom of Malan'tai that I'm making, so I suppose in a way everything needing bits at once was a good thing. So off to the War Store for Barbed Stranglers, scything talons and warrior heads. Hoard o bits on ebay for ravener talons and some other things I was wanting too. Now I just have to play the waiting game and watch those tracking numbers. :p My only problem is when waiting I tend to lose momentum on a project. As it stands I finally have primer again, and have those harlequins on comission that I need to get done.

Speaking of primer, the local game store I visited to pick it up actually had a can of Army Painter on the rack. I was very tempted to try it out but A) this is comission work, I need to go with something I know and trust, and B) It was nearly twice the cost of my regular Armoury primer. So I know folks have raved about the AP, but I'll stick with the cheap and trustworthy. Even if I am allergic. Ick. Mask and surgical gloves are sooo unfashionable this season.

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