Saturday, September 4, 2010

New shoes, New job, what next?

Been a little busy lately. I got a new position with the company I am working for and begain training for it this week. I've been a little bit busy but still managed to take some time this morning and grass my entries into the terrain contest that GW is running for the realm of battle board. I'm not so excited about my chances, but hey, I entered. I make pretty simple terrain I think, but who knows. maybe something could happen.

I'm really enjoying this new position and did so well at the interview they made me an interviewer. :D Yay for finally having a techie job again.

Aaaand you boys can stop reading now. I got new shoes and wow they are hot. Torrid was running one of their half off the clearance sale (read: get rid of the stuff) and I just had to get a little retail therapy (even if online) in for all the stress the previous position was causing me.  grr.

So I'm thinking of going to Dragoncon tomorrow. I looked at the 40k tourney there but it's nightmarish in description. $50 to get in the con and another $30 just for the tourney! And no prizes listed either. No thanks! The Eldar will not be accompannying me tomorrow if I go.

Sunday I have a challenge match from Noah. 2000 points of Eldar on Eldar action. He says he's got this diabolical new list that is supposed to tear me apart. Says something about being all on foot too. Still not sure what to bring either. I guess my regular list might do, but I'd like to come up wish something a little different. I won't post it here either, since he's one of my minions, er I mean followers.


  1. What is that piece under photo of bunker? Some sorta portal? Your terrain looks great! By the way congrates on your new job.

  2. It's an Eldar warpgate. I built it inspired by one from the GW site. Thanks so much!! :)

  3. Yes, congrats on the new position, and don't think too hard about your list as it won't affect the outcome of tomorrow's smack down...


  4. Just to set the record straight, I fully expect to get trounced tomorrow; however, I expect to have a great time while doing so. Here's the bad news, if you think I'm a slow player when all my stuff is flying in skimmers... Well, I'll just let you use your imagination (You may want to bring a good book to read during my move phase).

  5. Not sure what I spent more on last year, GW plastics or shopping trips for sales with the ex for Torrid. Glad I dont have to do both anymore =P
    The terrain looks great, the warpgate especially. I have always wanted to try some eldar terrain, but then again i would eventually want models to go with it.

  6. Very nice! Gotta love that warp gate.