Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tyranids - Swarm of Personality

So today we're testing out the new stuff. I do so detest putting unpainted models on the table, but there's a lot of work to be done still before those Tyranid Shrikes are completed. Not to mention purchasing some parts online. I've been lovingly called a paint snob for this. (it had BETTER be lovingly dammit)

Here's a look at my Parasite of Mortrex so far. I'm really happy with how he came out, but I'm probably going to replace the metal ravener talons with the new plastic ones when I get them from ebay.

So here is the list I'm bringing today,

The Great White Hive Tyrant; Lash Whip & Bonesword, Wings, TL Devourers with (mmm) brainleech worms, Acid Blood, Adrenal Glands, Regen, (and of course) Old Adversary. Leech Essence & The Horror for psychics.

The Parasite of Mortrex

The Doom of Malan'Tai in a Mycetic Spore with Barbed Strangler

3x Zoanthrope


Tyranid Shrikes (4) Devourers and 1 Barbed Strangler

2x Genestealer brood (19) + Broodlord with Scything talons

Carnifex; Crushing Claws, Adrenal Glands, Bio-plasma, Frag Spines, Regen in a Mycetic Spore with Barbed Strangler

Ideally the plan would go like this; Lictor shows up, Spores and Winged things would then drop all around him and shoot a squad full of devourer beetles and make it run off the board. Next turn, lots of killy stuff happens. 'Stealers would flank in for objectifying and general killyness. The problem I was having with this was the lack of action on the Zoeys' part. And that they would be sitting on the board all alone for the first turn. Thusly I'm considering these changes;

Drop 2 Zoanthropes for a Mycetic Spore with TL Devourers
Exchange Lictor for Deathleaper.
This would mean I could move him about the board if needed AND one character would lose D3 Ld points so that the Great White could BOO! him off the board easier. Lets not forget the benefit of DoM's ability with that. Lastly, it would fit with the "Swarm of Personality" theme. I do so love themes. Lost many a M:tG game because I only ever built theme decks. I just can't help myself. And yes, the Great White counts - he's an old adversary!

*sniffle* we miss you little brudda!!
I'm also considering boneswords instead of devourers on the Shrikes. This means a lot less shooting and I'm not fond of that. (not to mention losing a barbed strangler) I would also have to drop the squad to 4. I plan on keeping them + Parasite near the Great White and the combined shooting of all those Devourers could make for some runnin' scared squads.

I'm a little doubtful of the Carnifex too. He always seems to get melta'd early. Kinda makes me sad. He is ALWAYS so good about killing tanks though. (unless it's a rhino tank shocking him) I even got him some fresh bio-plasma for when he lands by spore now. I guess that I can rest assured that I can make my opponent react to him, and that's just good tactics.


  1. Sadly I was unable to get a game in today. I stayed up until 4am working on these guys and it hit me hard midday. I had to go crash. *pout*

  2. On your Parasite, what parts did you use? Is that a classic plastic Tyranid Warrior body with assorted Gargoyle wings and Ravener talons?

    I really like the stinger tail effect.

  3. Thanks! You got all the parts correct! The head is from the Gargoyle as well. I just felt it fit the artwork better. The ravener talons I ended up using are the new plastic ones, and they help him not fall over as badly.

    I always liked the classic warrior body, but not the head. I felt he looked very wasp like and as soon as I read the Parasite description I dug one up (actually ended up with 3!). I cut a section of his torso out in order to angle the tail forward for that stinger effect.