Friday, September 17, 2010

It's not always about Eldar...

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In a recent discussion with Noah, we started talking about the Doom of Malan'tai. I've had ideas of how to make one for a while, and had an extra Zoanthrope just for that purpose. Suddenly, I'm motivated. DoM is a powerful unit and there's lots of praise for it over the intarwebs of course. He's very much in progress right now and though I'm not exactly thrilled with what I envisioned it to look, Noah liked it and offered some suggestions. His brain looks a bit too ... wormy and open. So now I have to make a brain sack for him in order to preserve the texture, but fill the gaps. This is okay since I can actually make flat things out of green stuff. I'm also working on balancing his brain out, since he was a little lopsided. I wasn't orignally going to share WIP photos of him since I think he looks terrible, but for posterity sake, I think I should. (And get some therapy.) Retail therapy might just be the order of the day! A girl can never have enough shoes!

In digging through the parts box for 'nid bits to try and pad DoM out a bit, I cam across bits I had tossed in for a Harpy. I started picking up this and that and had enough for *something*. I referred back to the codex, and looked at what I had and decided that it was definitely not of monstrous creature stature. I flipped through the codex to see what else I could make out of it and noticed the Parasite of Mortrex. It would be a perfect fit! I never was really interested in the unit before since I didn't have a model for it (hey it's how i think). I looked over the stats and WOW, why aren't more people running this guy? Granted he takes up a very valuable HQ slot, but I think I have an idea here. I've scoured the 'net and can't seem to find any sort of articles or strategy on him which I don't mind. Here's what I'm thinking of doing with him; Attatch said bug to a flying warrior group to soak up wounds, then deep strike them behind enemy lines.
Add a lictor for flavor and errorless landings. Add the Great White Hive Tyrant for more killy juice and also because he'll give the Parasite (and the warriors) Preferred Enemy thanks to my favorite, Old Adversary. I can't decide if I want to run boneswords or devourers on the warriors though. I REALLY like the idea of the Tyrant and Warriors firing devourers at a squad when they land and then the Tyrant giving them a "BOO" from The Horror. However, rereading both of those items, I don't think they are stackable... Could be an argument for boneswords after all.

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