Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things are finally coming together

A quick trip back to Athens to drop off the old place's keys, spot clean and visit my storage unit (ok, not that quick) later and I think I have my painting station problem solved. I now have desk space! Now I just have to get things set up.

I'm currently just looking at a desk with my panting board and a box labelled "Painting desk" on top of it. I think it will work pretty well. I have it in front of the window so I can get some natural light, but also have my florescent light propped above it. Granted I'm not happy about the light just sitting, but it will do until I can get to the hardware store and assemble some sort of stand for it. I'm not sure the apartment complex would like me drilling holes in the ceiling to hang it otherwise. Right now I'm just happy to have some progress for my hobby.

"Why haven't you made that priority?" I hear you ask? Oh, well because I"m still trying to solve another equally-if-not-more important issue. I've only got one closet here (instead of the two in the previous place) and I'm not sure where all my shoes will go. I won't even go into the clothes issue. Things are a little tense. Some shoes might actually get less 'special' treatment and that's going to take some diplomacy.

More space has me tickled pink. I finally have all my armies in one place. Granted they're still in boxes and/or cases, but they're not split between storage and home any more. Of course this just reinforces the idea that I should get rid of one or more of them, but which? I kind of like the idea that I won't have to buy an army for the next 10 years or so.

I also have playspace again. Granted my gaming table doubles as a dining table, but at least my priorites are straight, right? Just have to find a place to stash all of the terrain. There's a tiny closet in the living room that I have my eye on. My board games already occupy the top shelf there. (Don't worry coats, ya'll got the big closet in the foyer)

Warning: rant ahead.

Ok, enough about that. Let's talk about the Land Raider Achilles, shall we? At first, I was all tingly. A tank with a thunderfire cannon! I love the Thudd Gun thunderfire cannon, it very nearly made me build Space Marines again when they first released it. The fact that this model is forgeworld non-withstanding, I went and looked at the rules. Point cost only 50 more than a standard Land Raider not bad for something with an artillery piece in the gut. I thought this was okay until I saw "Ferromantic Invulnerability". Ignores Lance AND Melta rules. Suddenly the points for this thing got way under what it's worth. I could see one or the other, but both? I dunno, maybe I'm over analyzing this thing, but I just think that it's a bit overboard. Land Raiders are tough enough to take out for my Eldar as it is since we go no higher than S8 without resorting to other options. And the poor Sisters, Melta's all they got.

I'll just hope that rule stays FW and doesn't translate over eventually.

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  1. A stand up armoire, found at Target, WalMart, or other similar place can stand in as a closet very easily. Not terribly expensive and often can have the insides arranged as you please because you put it together yourself.