Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tournament bound! (and happy 50th post!)

Finally! Motivation! Muse-ism! Something to do!

There's a tourney scheduled the Ides of January at the (now) local store. They don't have 40k tourneys very often and I missed the last one, so it's been since March I think since I've had a tourney. Gah! I did manage to walk away with a "best painted team" trophy, so that's tided (is that a word?) over for a while.

My first thought was to dig out my Eldar for their very first big tourney run. Then I read up on it. 1000 points. Ouch. Well is it a team tourney like last year? No. Wow, so just 1k per player. Ok, I can do this. Write up some Eldar. Meh, My Eldar look much better at higher points. Well lets try 'nids. Holy cow! I can get a Swarm of Personality list going at 1k. 37 stealerbugs, 4 Shrikes w/boneswords, Parasite of Mortrex and the Doom of Malan'tai in at 999 points.

Wait, Kill points?!? Parasite's out! No way I'm giving the kill points away. Back up, readjust. Bugs are going to be a tough build. I don't have a Tyranid Prime, or a Tervigon (like he's better than the Parasite) so the only HQ option is a Tyrant. I like the Great White, but he's a bit pricey in 1k. Gaunts are also a no no for me since they are too easy to get points on (and I only have 13 of them). Here's my initial thought, but it tested badly last night.

I REALLY want to take my Eldar 'cause they are so pretty, but I'm not firecely competitive with them yet. Here's my initial findings for them.  
1 Farseer @ 163 pts ((pp.26, 28 & 60 Eldar); Independent Character; Psyker; Doom ; Fortune ; Mind War ; Fleet; Ghosthelm; Rune Armour; Runes of Witnessing; Spirit Stones; Shuriken Pistol; Singing Spear)

9 Dire Avengers @ 302 pts ((pp.30 & 64 Eldar); Fleet; Avenger S-Catapult)

+1 Dire Avenger Exarch (Fleet; Bladestorm ; Power Weapon; Shimmershield)
+1 Wave Serpent ((pp.45 & 63 Eldar); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Tank, Fast); Energy Field; Spirit Stones; Shuriken Cannon; TL Missile Launchers)

1 Autarch @ 108 pts ((pp.29 & 60 Eldar); Independent Character; Fleet; Master Strategist; Banshee Mask; Forceshield; Power Weapon; Shuriken Pistol; Reaper Launcher; Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades)

5 Pathfinders (Rangers) @ 120 pts ((pp.38 & 64 Eldar); Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Stealth; Ignore Difficult Terrain; Pathfinder Stealth; Scouts; Pathfinders; Shuriken Pistol x5; Ranger Long Rifle)

1 Wraithlord @ 120 pts ((pp.47 & 66 Eldar); Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Fearless; Wraithsight; Flamer x2; Wraithsword; Scatter Laser)

4 Harlequin Troupe @ 184 pts ((pp.48-49 & 63 Eldar); Fleet; Flip Belts; Furious Charge; Hit & Run; Holo-Suit; Harlequins Kiss x4; Fusion Pistol x1; Shuriken Pistol x3; Hallucinogen Grenades)
 +1 Shadowseer (Psyker; Veil Of Tears ; Fleet; Flip Belts; Furious Charge; Hit & Run; Holo-Suit; Close Combat Weapon; Shuriken Pistol; Hallucinogen Grenades)
+1 Troupe Master (Fleet; Flip Belts; Furious Charge; Hit & Run; Holo-Suit; Power Weapon; Shuriken Pistol; Hallucinogen Grenades)
I'm tempted to drop the Autarch and the Wraithlord for a loaded Falcon. That would help deliver the Harlequins and give me something really survivable. The wraithlord is very useful though, and when combined with Mindwar can tie up a squad of marines forever. I like the Autarch build because it deters people from charging the Pathfinders in close combat, plus it's an almost guaranteed 2 dead things per turn.

Still, I have nearly two months to prepare and very little painting/modeling to do so I've got some leeway. I also have plenty of time to figure out what to wear too.

1 Hive Tyrant @ 255 pts (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Bonded Exoskeleton; Synapse Creature; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Lash Whip & Bonesword x1; Heavy Venom Cannon; Regeneration; Armoured Shell; Leech Essence; The Horror)

x2: 17 Genestealer Brood @ 300 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Reinforced Chitin; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover)
+1 Broodlord (Unit Type: Infantry; Hardened Carapace; Rending Claws; Brood Telepathy; Fleet; Infiltrate; Move Through Cover; Psyker; Scything Talons; Aura of Despair; Hypnotic Gaze)

1 The Doom of Malan'tai @ 145 pts (Unit Type: Infantry; Claws & Teeth; Reinforced Chitin; Instinctive Behaviour - Feed; Absorb Life; Fearless; Psychic Strength; Psyker; Shadow in the Warp; Spirit Leech; Warp Field; Mycetic Spore; Cataclysm)
+1 Mycetic Spore (Unit Type: Monstrous Creature; Hardened Carapace; Lash Whip; Ripper Tentacles; Deep Strike; Fearless; Immobile Pod; Limited Sentience; Transport Spore; Barbed Strangler)


  1. f.y.i. I just saw the facebook post. I actually lost my version of vassal when my formated my computer recently, you know where to get the files?

    Also, I agree with your statement on the autarch, I would lose him and do something else. I like the wraithlord... but the falcon may be better. Are they allowing that new nightspinner, and have you played with it? I haven't but I thought it looked pretty good.

    I'll be posting up some pictures soon of my dark eldar (I hope!)

  2. I don't own one, and don't really like it either. I'd have to give up a falcon/wraithlord for a S6 vehicle with no transport capacity. For an army that everyone has a place to ride (except the wraithlords obviously) I find it difficult to justify the Nightspinner.

    I've been waiting on those photos!