Thursday, November 18, 2010

Battle report too. Long over due.

Well the moving is done, and the unpacking has commenced. Sadly my painting setup that I had imagined did not work out, so I'm still at a loss on where I will be painting. Still, I'm very glad the move is over and the new place is much much bigger. I'm also glad that I'm back online. I've had a difficult time with AT&T the last few days.

But enough of that, you didn't come here to listen to her prattle. You came here for a battle report!
So the game was 2000 points, Eldar vs Blood Angels. Mission was Annihilation (again, bleah) and setup was pitched battle. BA went first and reserved everyone. I failed to steal the inititave.

The BA forces consisted of Dante, 2 squads of Assault marines, one squad of Sanguinary guard, a Librarian dread, Stormraven a Land Raider and a Terminator squad.

Eldar forces were led by Farseer Elorrah, and had Jain Zar, Wraithlord with sword and starcannon, 2 falcons, 3 wave serpents each with Banshees, Dire Avengers and Wraithguard. Pathfinders were in a tower somewhere.

First turn, I moved around alot. Tanks were flat-outing all over the table and parking back-to-back since his entire army was dropping in. I wanted to multiply the targets so he was confused as to where to drop his stuff in, then I could mob up on stragglers. Only Dante and both squads of marines reserved on turn one. I was REALLY happy about this as I figured there would be plenty of fire on both squads and hopefully wiping them out ready for the next wave.

Alas, nothing like that for this girl. I think i managed to kill 2 of dante's squad, one of which didn't really feel the pain. Not a fair trade since they had just killed my wraithlord. He was all ready to assault them too, since Elorrah had just successfully Mind War'd the Power Fist. The other squad dropped just outside of the priest's range and got shot up, actually FAILED morale and ran for it. I was very happy. They had plenty of room to run as both squads landed on my side of the table.

But woe, despite being within 6" of three separate units, the marines rallied and leaped over the tanks to engage Elorrah in close combat after trying to melta her first. This actually tied her up for the rest of the game. She did kill one marine but never left combat.

Things got worse from there. Dante and the gang dogpiled on the Wraithguard's wave serpent, immobilizing it, the Land Raider showed up, exploding the Banshees' serpent and killing two of them in the ensuing explosion. My wraithguard hopped out of their (now) bunker and wrecked the 'raider. Very nice of them. The Terminators of course hopped out, spoiling for a fight and after some heavy fire power into them, Jain Zar and her girls obliged, to great effect. The termies never got to strike back, and the banshees swept back into the wreckage for cover. (I just realized, I don't believe I took dangerous terrain tests for that, shame on me)

Next turn, the Storm raven shows up, kills a couple more banshees, drops the librarian in front of them. Dante heads for the wraithguard. I had some Dire Avengers somewhere on the table but who knows what they were up to. Dante kills all the wraithguard and the Libraria-dread engages the banshees and slowly begins to kill them all as they struggle in vain. Accursed 13 front armor!!

I did a lot of wounds across the board, but being kill points I didn't focus enough and wound up losing something like 2 to 5. My opponent made a methodical sweep with Dante, killing and moving on. The librarian, though not doing anything psychically (he was afraid of Ellorah's runes), tied up Jain Zar and my banshees and slowly mashed them into Eldar paste.

I was impressed with my Wraithguard, they were in the right place at the right time even despite having a flat tire on their bus. Ellorah was on her game too, despite getting bogged down in combat. I had tried out Fortune on her this game and will never NOT buy it for her again. The banshees, while making fun of the (Doomed) terminators, just couldn't predict the stormraven showing up and dumping an impenetrable dreadnought on them. Not much you can do about that.

It was an enjoyable game and day for my last regular game with the gang there in Athens. I'll go back for sure, especially if they cry Apocalypse (or Planetstrike). For now though, there's a new kid (old lady) in town.

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