Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is it... a Battle Report?

Yes! She lives.

Yes, I have an unfinished figure on the table.
I'm so ashamed..

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind of busy. I had to scramble to put my halloween costume together (successfully I might add). The party was comic themed, and I wanted something a bit obscure. Sadly, since I got out of comics in the early 90s, my idea of obscure is unheard of for the average comic fan now. Still, the ones that went and checked it out after the party said I made a spot on Typhoid Mary.

After Halloween, the packing began in earnest. I'm still doing it. I hate moving. But it will be a bigger place and more room to spread out my hobby instead of a tiny little corner between my computer and sewing desk.

But this is a battle report. I took a break on Sunday to get in a game with the guys before moving. I won't say last, since I'm only about 50 minutes away and will certainly come running back when they dangle the Apocalypse hook in front of me.

I actually got in two games. The first was vs Noah we both had 1250 footslogging Eldar forces. From now on I'll stick to my vehicles. We rolled Anihillation/Dawn of War for the game, Noah goes first.

He's got lots of Dire Avengers, 1 unit of pathfinders, a storm guardian squad with warlock, striking scorpions, an Avatar and 3 Wraithlords. I realized woefully at that point I wasn't ready for that. I brought nothing for heavy weapons. I had opted out Fire Dragons for a winged Autarch. I had an Avatar, Farseer with Doom, Fortune and Guide, 6 Harlequins, full squads of Dire Avengers, Banshees, Reapers and also a 5 man Pathfinder squad.

Noah deployed the Avatar center board, avengers on my left and pathfinders on my right. I put my pathfinders on the left in some trees and tried to make sure I was out of range of his own snipers. The avengers were slightly forward from there behind a large rock and the Farseer deployed with them. My objective was to reaper the Avatar and snipers and snipe(guided) the Wraithlords (Doomed). First turn was lightweight, with both armies marching on. Avengers came in call across his board, the wraithlords were spaced out and the Avatar, storm guardians and scorpions marched up the middle. Pathfinders were pretty much the sole target for the wraithlords but their cover held. On my turn I marched Harlequins up the middle, followed by Banshees. Reapers ran into the trees on my right side with the Autarch, though as a separate unit (he had wings). My avengers held their cover for the time being as there was no range. Pathfinders failed to see anything.

Most of the game was fought in, around and
over this small pond. Obviously a very important
landmark for the Eldar.

Turn two had me losing a couple of Avengers despite a fortuned cover save. I think all the wraithlords fired my way. The Avatar continued sprinting forward and was nearing charge range. I wasn't sure my Harleys would be able to hold against him. His pathfinders shot at my reapers pretty much all game, but no one died this turn. Banshees were fired at and lost two. Harlies and Banshees ran forward. Reapers fired at the Avatar but only managed one wound despite having doomed him. The Farseer had joined the Harlequins during movement. My Pathfinders wounded a wraithlord and finished him off on the following turn, but not before he put a well placed brightlance or missle into the Autarchs face. The Avengers stepped out and (guided) bladestormed into the (doomed) Avatar. It was a bit of a mess. Avatar parts littered the ground after that.

On turn three the storm guardians were moving forward to keep the warlock pacing the wraithlords, scorpions were close behind. A Dark reaper fell to sniper fire. The wraithlords sought out my pathfinders but could only hit leaves and bark. My Avengers hid, the reapers attempted to hurt a wraithlord but failed to wound. My harlequins (now fortuned) danced across the lake and assaulted the storm guardians and put a hurting on them but didn't wipe them out. They did manage to kill the warlock in that squad tho, so wraithsight was now in effect!

Turn 4 had the harlequins getting wiped out by scorpions. Farseer too, thanks to a scorp claw to the liver. Ouchies! The banshees took some withering fire, and were wiped out. Another Reaper dropped to sniper fire, and the squad fell, pinned down. Two more reapers were hit by a wraithlord, leaving just the Exarch. My pathfinders shot the offending wraithlord and put two wounds on him, but still not dead. The scorps having moved up, now faced the Avengers next volley of bladestormyness. I weathered that assault, but now his Avengers were moving in and all I had left were a few avengers, some on-fire pathfinders and a reaper exarch. It was only downhill from there.

I believe the score was Eleventy billion kill points to 3. This is why my eldar don't walk. They don't like carrying heavy weapons to a battle when forced to walk.
I'll post game 2 of the day soon!

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