Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's going on?

I'm still around. Just a little update on my updates (or lack thereof).

Sisters; still slightly stalled. I'm about to go outside and prime all the bare metals though. That's progress right?

Mordheim; I nearly finished painting my final model, a Centigor, for my beastman warband just in time to have him murdered by a dwarf warband. Won the fight, but that was a chunk of gold I won't see again. Still, the Vampire player has been doing far worse. Lost his vamp and now his Necro is blind in one eye.

Mored 'heim; My Merchant Caravan list is almost final. I've got half the figures painted and the wagon is nearing completion. I had to cast some wagon wheels using InstantMold. This stuff is fantastic!! I was going to write a review, but MiniatureWargameConversions said everything I was going to and better. It's said that you shouldn't use an exothermic medium to cast with, but my 2-part plastic is exothermic, and did fine. I cast 4 wheels and none of them seemed to have any degredation in the detail.

Fiction; Currently working on another short story. This one from Farseer Elorrah's viewpoint.

Real Life Oh Noes! Commissar Carrie over at Inquisitork is in the hostpital! Go visit her blog and tell her to get her ass back to the compy stat! I miss my friend.

...and she's got a story to finish.

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