Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sisters Project - 2nd model

 I am much happier with the way this model has come out. Perhaps its the banner. The banner is very pretty. I couldn't have asked for better, myself. It might also be that I painted over a grey primer. The first was over white. I can't see any difference in them when side by side, so I dunno. I have a can and a half of grey, so the ones I just stripped will be getting a grey base, methinks.

The recent 'leak' of the Sisters pages, whether true or not had motivated me to step up my painting of them. The owner of the local LGS seems to think that the new codex will release around August or September, as he says he can't even buy the old models as a retailer from GW any longer. I am hoping to have all the girls done by then, and will only need to pick up vehicles (hopefully new ones). I may add a squad or two of the new plastics after I see what they look like.

In other news, I've begun preparing for the 2nd Mordheim campaign coming up at the store. I'll be playing a Merchant Caravan. Annabelle Evarion has commissioned a trade wagon from me and I've been working on that the last week. I've got my merchant completely painted and her knight vanguard begun. I am excited about doing the wheeling and dealing that should be inherent with this warband. I have also obtained a Prince Yriel for my Eldar. I've begun painting him as well. I still haven't figured out a satisfactory way of fielding him, though it's looking like he might be a 'plug in' unit to go with others. More on that as it develops!

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