Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mordheim - Project(s) Update

A quick Easter update!

I've pretty much finished the wagon. I feel like there may be something more that I could do to it. Steps, secret compartments, something. I just can't figure out what that is though. I also carved a yoke! It's not the prettiest, but I put magnets in it and found a pair of horses to pull it along. I would like a couple of different ones, but these will do if nothing else shows up.

The Beastmen are also done. Like completely done. Bases and everything! I'm rather pleased. Just not with the quality of photos. Still haven't gotten that camera yet.

I've got 3 of my 4 Merchant Caravan warband painted. They just need some basing now. And a 2nd knight. Sad that my LGS can't get metal models now... Photos to come.

Quick note on the Sisters Project; I got frustrated with my Apple Barrel purple yesterday. I'm going to pick up some P3 at the game store. The owner suggested to me that it was a superior product with more pigments so we will see. Hopefully Tuesday this will happen.


  1. Yeah... Applebarrel is my "garbage" paint that I only use on terrain unless I have to. I found the other cheap brand FolkArt is a lot better, but neither quite compare to p3 quality.