Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fiction - New Orders

(I've actually had this story in my head since seeing Inquisition seemingly moved from Sisters of Battle to Grey Knights. Time unfortunately has been against me lately and I have been unable to post it.)

Inquisitor Seriphena Weston walked out upon the landing platform, her armored boots ringing on the deck plating. The stormtroopers standing guard stood a little straighter when she passed. She recognized trooper Pavkin and greeted him warmly. She approached the Valkyrie that was perched on the deck like a crouching beast. She could see the pilot going through pre-flight rituals. Servitors were loading crates and equipment into the rear door. Some of the battle sisters were loading ammo crates into the side door. Seriphena grabbed one end of an ammo crate with her free hand and helped a sister she didn't recognize load a crate. She smiled as the sister thanked her. Seriphena stepped aside as Sister Superior Annalisa walked over and the two exchanged the formal pleasantries before settling into a less formal conversation. Seriphena liked that some of the sisters could feel comfortable around her. She knew that Inquisitor Husqmann was far more formal and ... stuffy with the girls. Well he was stuffy with everyone actually.

"I wish you were coming with us Ma'am." Annalisa was saying.

"Well it just wasn't meant to be. You will be fine, this is just an errand mission."

"It's not that... We are just used to having you with us. The girls and I just feel better with you around." Sister Annalisa looked away, trying not to show emotion. She watched the last of the equipment being loaded aboard the flyer.

Seriphena responded kindly, "The Emporer Protects, child. Not me. We shall still see one another on occasion. There will be times when-"

The engines of the Valkyrie coughed and whined to life, drowning out Inquisitor Seriphena's next words. She placed a comforting hand on Annalisa's arm and nodded towards the hatch. After the sister superior was aboard, the Inquisitor backed away. After a few moments the engines whined higher and the craft lifted off. It spun 'round slightly and then sped off, climbing into the sky.

Inquisitor Seriphena looked down at the dataslate still clutched in her hand. New orders had come through. She was being transferred to Titan.

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