Friday, April 22, 2011

I Win Vassal

At this point I've pretty much lost the game, but early on here was an exchange over fire on my Dire Avengers. A whole squad of Celestians had gunned down Yriel and moved in to try and dislodge them from my objective. They later got blown up to heavy bolter fire, but here's a transcription of what transpired. In case you don't chat in the chatbox over yonder ->, I'm Cami obviously. Carrie, of course you should know.

Update; with only a pair of mobile tanks left, I have lost. Carrie snuck one faaaar out squad into a lone rhino and sped across the board for the win. The rhino had come in, dropped it's unit off then sped away after losing a weapon. I totally spaced that she had loaded troops into it. MVP of the game was no doubt Cannoness Angelica Cross. She wounded my Autarch, made him run, ran him down because that wasn't good enough, shot him through the leg then "fed him his own tailbone" in the ensuing combat. Not thinking that was enough, she ran down the Wave Serpent that had shot she and her squad up earlier as it was speeding away, cracked open an engine cover, shoved a melta bomb into it and dodged the shrapnel as it exploded into a fireball.

Carrie - 4 Dead, 13 Saves
Cami - so 17
Cami - erg
Cami - one on exarch
Cami rolls 1 dice, 3+ to save...
Cami* 1 out of 1 dice save (3+) = (5)
Cami* Amounting to 1 save, being 0 wounds.
Carrie - You can do it!
Cami rolls 12 dice, 4+ to save...
Cami* 12 out of 12 dice save (4+) = (6,6,6,6,6,5,5,5,5,5,5,5)
Cami* Amounting to 12 saves, being 0 wounds.
Cami - You were right
Carrie - How the....

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  1. Hehe, that game was interesting to watch while I was painting warriors.