Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project - Sisters of Battle Rhino/Immolator

So I realized a couple of weeks ago that I needed to try out my paint scheme on a vehicle before I went much farther with the project. So I broke out the Cannoness's Rhino, and found bits to convert it to an Immolator. In the process of putting the Rhino together (my first with the current kit) I found nooks and crannies. This plus my electronics background gave way to a lighted interior. I tried to put a light in the searchlight, but that only wound up with a ruined searchlight. I didn't have a small enough LED for it and even then it wouldn't look quite proper. I didn't have a switch either, so I fashioned a jumper out of a gear box. Second picture shows it in the 'off' position.

Off position. Also stores easily inside the vehicle.
The Sisters of Battle top piece makes for a great little area to hide the wiring and the LED so that it shines back towards the wall. I've got the battery and resistor secured in the drivers area and the switch actually is in the area above the track. That was the only drilling I needed to do. I'm currently trying to figure out where to hide the LED in a normal Rhino to get the same results. This was a much easier project than the Valkyrie that I'm working on. That one will be cooler when I'm done though.

I'm not done painting, nor is the conversion work done on the Immolator turret (parts incoming) but I finally got the new camera so had to show off. It's made me want to go back and continue work on my Valkyrie in which I'm doing similar work, but I really need to get back to getting a tournament army ready to go.

Enjoy and thanks for veiwing! Comments are appreciated.