Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tournament - Battle Report (part 2)

The Little Known "Wall of Eldar"
Game two was against a young boy who was there with his father. He did enjoy the game, and I'm still curious as to whether or not he painted his own figs. Some of them looked pretty detailed. Sadly, none of the photos I got came out very well.

The game itself was somewhat as expected. I did wind up helping him with rules a lot and even asked him a few times if he really wanted to make certain moves that would leave him tactically open. Despite my helping him (and no I was not an evil bitch), I still stomped on the Tau. I think he was a little frustrated at the end, but he still had fun. I didn't get full points for the match due to us running out of time.

Round 3 was a good opponent, and he's been playing for some time. I was happy to play against someone with experience, a 3+ save and not umpteen billion missiles. He brought Blood Angels with 4 twin linked Assault Cannons. I was a little scared of that, until I realized that a wall of Serpents were immune to his Rending. At best he could only glance me. The Multi Meltas were a different story though. I prioritized targets, kept working my way backwards, while having the Wraithlord hide behind a ruin that totally blocked him. A razor back sprinted forward and disgorged a half dozen troops with a flamer, torching my poor Pathfinders, and a squad of Jump troops followed them in, but my green Banshees were already on their way out of the ruin. Each Farseer Doomed a squad and the Banshees multi charged!

Meanwhile, we wrecked the Stormraven with some well placed Pulse Lasers and Missiles, making the Death Company and their dread walk, which is a very good thing. Next Bright Lances failed to stop the Land Raider but the Fire Dragons (whose tank was immobilized early on) had snuck forward into cover and the Exarch Fire Pike'd (yes it's a word) the Land Raider into an explodey mess! The Wraithlord (who'd peeked around the corner) switched from Lance to flamers and poured it into the squad standing into the wreckage. Gleeful that they had no power fist in that squad, he attempted to charge them but failed to make it through the cover. The turn after they were shot so full of holes that the fled the battlefield. The DC Dread finally made it into combat with a backpedaling Wraithlord and while delivering two vicious wounds to him, received a sword through the chest and wrecked. The green Banshees finished up with their two squads, but paid heavily for it. Two were lost in the flamer incident, and another 6 were lost in the ensuing combat rounds. Only the Exarch and a wounded Farseer remained. They moved forward, charged the razorback and destroyed it, and then thumbed a ride back into their wave serpent, which just happened to be passing by. There was a Predator in the battle somewhere, but it went fast first turn, suffered shaken and stunned hits for several turns and then asploded to Lance fire at some point. It did get to shoot once. I think it may be what took out the Fire Dragons' ride. At this point, my Falcon (containing Avengers) and the other Serpent (full of very bored Banshees) shot off at full speed to capture the table quarters and an objective that were standing empty and needed for victory.

At the end of turn 5, there were only four Death Company on the board, and one Chaplain. I had lost 2 Fire Dragons, 8 Banshees, 5 Pathfinders, one wound on a farseer and 2 on the Wraithlord. Two tanks were immobile (one my own doing) and one had lost it's scatter lasers. I feel like I did a great job and am quite pleased with the result of the whole tourney, even if I didn't get the best painted award.

There's always next time...

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  1. Nicely done, I like hearing about marine armies getting kicked in thier power armored junk.