Monday, May 2, 2011

New Deadline...

There is a 1500 point tournament coming up at Phoenix games on May 21. I now have less than 3 weeks to figure out what army I'm playing, paint/base any stragglers (I"m looking at you Stealerbugs) and OMG LEARN TO PLAY AT 1500 points!!!

All my lists/knowledge are currently running at 2000 points with a few lists at the 1000 point level. When I first heard 'tournament' I was mentally preparing for the aforementioned 'Stealerbug Swarm' list seeing as how I've now got both Venomthropes assembled. A small miracle there, those are some complex, fiddly models. I have learned and now appreciate super glue accelerator now.

So my options are;
Chaos Marines (not likely)

It's possible that I could get 1500 points of Sisters done in time, but I only have one Exorcist and 3/4 of an Immolator, so that's probably not a good option.

I'll toy with some ideas and post lists for you, my loyal minions, to pick apart and tell me how foolish I am. Just remember, I have 5 fire dragons and NO hive guard, so forget that! :P

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