Saturday, May 14, 2011

Razorwing & 100th post

I've still come across some people who've not seen this photo. This is apparently a preview of the Dark Eldar Razorwing. No one seems to have a release date for it right now, which is sad, because I think it's a very pretty model. I may end up getting two! I hear you both saying, "But Cami, you don't have Dark Eldar!". I know! In my scouring looking for a release date, I've seen more than a few comments that leads me to believe that people don't realize that this is an 'either/or' kit. I've had it on good authority (and I am a Farseer) that this kit will be able to build either a Razorwing or a Nightwing.

I feel like this photo confirms it. If you replace the three upright vanes and the weapons then it looks like it would be no problem turning into an Eldar Nightwing. I can totally see that being on the same sprue. If not, I'll just run it 'counts as'. Sure I'll have to wait for the Eldar codex (you know it'll be in there) or play Apocalypse, but I've never been afraid of Apocalypse, and I'm eager to have some Nightwing v Valkyrie/Stormraven dogfighting. (No contest)

In other news - My Banshees are totally done and nestled into my re-arranged foam packing in my Eldar box. I'm pretty cheap, crafty, and broke so I can't afford custom made foam trays, well not the machine made ones, so I broke out my last few surgical blades and some open cell foam and got to work. It's really amazing how fast foam eats up a blade! Now I have all 20 (21, I have 2 Exarch builds for green squad) banshees nestled into my case and all the jetbikes on one layer instead of having to dig through 3 trays to get to them all. My Farseers also have a home as well, as before they just were pushed in between a foam joint and held on for dear life. I'm still not done - I have to figure out how to sort my Wave Serpents a little better, rather than just having them stacked with foam in between.

While doing all this, I'm pulling models that need basing done, primarily from the list I'm using in tourney in two weeks and finishing those. Basing makes SO much difference in a model. My Eldar are the first army (out of four) I've actually done a lot of detail work on the bases and I really think it makes a world of difference. I did pay attention to my Tyranids MC's bases, but the rank and file bugs were just bland. I'm REALLY happy with the Eldar results, and that's probably a blog entry for another time.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm loving this new camera. I actually took the 'group photos' twice. The first time I reviewed the photos I noticed some things I needed to touch up and just out and out missed (gems!). This second set showed me some flaws as well, that I have gone back and touched up since. I don't know if anyone uses this practice, but I highly recommend a photo review before calling minis "done".


  1. Congrats on your 100th post! It is quite an accomplishment. I too believe that is a dead-sexy aircraft, definitely the best one they've made yet (though not that the Valk and the Stormchicken are much competition). Those eldar are also very well done!

  2. Thank you very much! I'm really proud of them despite the hurry. I actually like the Valkyre and will be posting photos when I get back to it, but the Razor/Nightwing is much prettier by far.