Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tournament - Battle Report (part 1)

The tournament was lots of fun! In a stroke of ill luck though my first random match up was vs the Missile Spam list I had so much trouble with in testing. I did actually perform better than in testing and I think that's largely due to the lovely amount of terrain we had available on the tables. Missions were #s 1, 3 & 4 out of the Adepticon 2010 team packet, modified slightly for singles.

I knew it would be a challenge, and was hoping to at least win best painted since I knew that Space Wolf list was still waiting for me.

First round; Won the init roll and forced the SW to deploy in some pretty open terrain. I managed to keep cover on most of my tanks and actually did really really well the first two turns. The Fire Dragon Serpent scooted up the right side of the board to take out one of the 3 Long Fang squads that were set up in the deployment zone. Despite my cover and jinking about he started slowly immobilizing my tanks. One Serpent exploding taking out 4 Banshees, but they did manage to cripple the thunderwolves before fleeing and being run down, along with my poor Farseer. The other Banshee squad charged into the center terrain where 2 full squads of Grey hunters were camped on the center objective. The Wraithlord added support, but failed a cover save and was melta'd down. Despite giving him a good run for his money, I still failed to achieve all 3 of the mission objectives.

Almost every race showed to tourney. We had Necrons, Orks, 2 x Eldar, Tau, and several flavors of Space Marine.

This list was VERY hard and he went on to win the tournament. Congrats to him!

Sadly I didn't get best painted either. I'm hoping it was very close, but that award went to a very deserving Necron player with a carry tray of epic proportions!


  1. Those Necron's are pretty cool to be honest.
    Commiserations none the less.

  2. Eldar are rough to run currently in a tourney. They could use a bit of a face lift so to speak. The points costs at the very least I think.