Monday, July 26, 2010

Battle Report: the Rematch!!

When our FLGS closed in December, a very nice guy in our group of regulars opened his home to us on Sat evenings and Sundays so that we would have a place to play. I just wanted to give a shout out to him and say thanks!

So yesterday I took my Eldar with me because I'd spent all week painting my final Wave Serpent and I think getting a tactic worked out that I believe will make my Shining Spears playable. :) However my opponent requested I bring the bugs 'just in case'. I didn't mind since last week I was smashed back to the bottom of our challenge tier by Daemonhunters of all things. The above photo about sums it up; a lone DA fleeing his wrecked serpent next to a immobilized Falcon.

Ok, so the rematch at hand; I took basically the same list as previously stated minus the shooty tyrant, tyrant guard and the spore for the 'stealer squad. We were playing 1500 points.
The Eldar had a much changed list; Avatar, Farseer, warlocks, walking Dire Avengers x 2, Fire Dragons and Scorpions (all full squads), a Wraithlord and 2 Fire Prisms.
C&C mission, Pitched Battle deployment. I put everything in reserve but the Zoeys and Biovore, which I hid behind buildings near the left and right flanks to increase chance of 'stealers getting into combat. Eldar won deployment, I failed to steal inititave. Scorpions infiltrated 12" from the biovore and zoey i hid on the left side of the board (next to the objective). First turn they assaulted and killed the Zoey, Biovore got one shot off that missed, and the subsequent spore mine was run down by a tank in turn 2. Biovore was slaughtered and one of the other zoeys was wounded by the Wraithlord. My turn two saw 1 squad of stealers, Carnifex and Great White Hive Tyrant all show up. The Carnifex dropped behind enemy lines and directly behind one of the Prisms, The GWHT dropped behind the building sheltering the Avengers sitting on their objective and the stealers outflanked the other Avengers on the left side of the board. Shooting left 2 objective Avengers dead, one Prism without weapons (thanks to the spore). Assault wiped out the flanked Avengers.

Turn 3 started with the Avatar fleeing the stealers, the fire dragons vapourizing the spore and the wraithlord failing to wound the carnifex. The active prism and zoeys continued their dance of not hurting one another, and the scorpions came out of cover in preparations to throw themselves upon the stealers threatening their Avatar. My half of turn 3 had the other stealer squad show up, the first squad charged towards the avatar, the second came on the board threatening the scorpions, the GWHT flew in to support the carnifex, who was looking at fire dragons, Farseer and warlocks and wraithlord. The only shooting that scored a wound was the carnifex who vomited bio plasma on and killed 4 fire dragons. Sadly, they were fearless due to the proximity of the Avatar, and enough died that they were no longer in assault range. Both stealer squads engauged their targets, and the ferociously charging Great White wounded a now WS & BS 1 wraithlord, who failed to strike back, sadly the bonesword failed to kill it outright.

Turn 4 resulted in dead scorpions and a dead avatar, but he took plenty of company with him. The fire dragons melted the carnifex, but were assaulted (and wiped out) by the 6 remaining stealers. The other stealer squad fled to the ruins containing their own objective, narrowly being missed by a Prism blast. The farseer and warlocks assaulted the GWHT, counting on their fortune to keep them from becoming snacks, they inflicted two wounds, but the Tyrant's acid blood melted one of the warlocks' face off.

Turn 5; the Avengers on the objective had reloaded since their efforts to kill the tyrant and now emptied again into the onrushing stealers, killing everything except for a very angry Broodlord. The weaponless Prism tank shocked into the building containing the stealers sitting on that objective. Instead of dislodging the bugs, the pilot instead got entangled in the ruins and immobilzed himself. Oh no!! He was in turn, wrecked for his efforts, making that objective their own. The other prism wounded one of the Zoeys, putting them both at a single wound, they ignored this obvious taunt and instead fired at and assaulted the reloading Avengers, successfully wounding them but failing to break their morale. The Zoeys killed another Dire Avenger, but their resolve held. Despite wounding the wraithlord again, wounding the farseer through shadow in the warp and spilling acid blood over everything, one warlock got in a lucky hit and the wraithlord finished him off. The wraithlord moved to block the broodlord's interference with the Avengers (and their objective) and the farseer and friends moved to screen the wraithlord. The broodlord moved and ran around the brainy eldar, and jumped on and ate the face of the wraithlord in revenge for killing the Tyrant. Yay for rending!! Broodlord rolled a one, failing to sweep towards the objective.

We went to turn 6. The Farseer and warlocks charged the broodlord. I honestly don't remember if they killed him or not. I remember one of the zoeys died making the DAs consolidate too far from the objective. I was laughing so hard that the details are fuzzy. The reason I was laughing is because the remaining fire prism tank shocked the dug in stealers. He managed to immobilize himself ON TOP of the wrecked prism, however the stealers in a fit of disbelief FAILED the morale check for tank shock and fled off the table!! Neither objective claimed, game results in a draw. Below is the photo of the event that had me giggling all the way home.

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