Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday - Geekery and Invention

So I'm packing up the troops to invade Da Machine's house, to as he says "get my geek on". I hope to get some good notes for battle reporting. I can't promise anything, as Da Machine is well known for his 'beerhammer'. Taking my camera too, armed with newly aquired macro skills!

I managed to get one of the Wave Serpents completed. I hadn't realized just how fast I had put that thing together and painted it to get it on the table. Hopefully that is the worst of the bunch. Still have one still on the sprue though, but that one isn't included in the 'crunch week'. I did get all the turrets and weapons magnetized a lot quicker than I expected. I invented a tool to help me and I must say that it's ingenious! I took a swizzle stick, drilled a hole in the fat end and placed a magnet just like I was putting it in a model. Now there's no guessing if the magnet is the right polarity. I simply mark one side as 'weapon' (the other is 'mount'), attatch the subject magnet, then put it where it needs to be. The swizzle stick itself is slick, so I don't have to hold it in place while the glue dries, I can just slide it down the stick. I was already using one of these to tamp the magnet into place, so now I've doubled my tool's effectiveness. I was able to actually 'assembly line' the weapons; drilling them, dotting them with glue, then having the magnets already sitting on the desk, set them in place with the swizzle.


  1. Cool I am going to start using mags on my next bunch of jump pack marines so I have the with or without option

  2. I was wanting to convert all my Space Wolves that way but all of my jump packs were lead and pewter. I didn't think they'd stay on. I think that's a terrific idea.