Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eldar - Banshee Exarch #2

As I am nearing completion of the 4th and final wave serpent, I had gotten the urge to paint the squad that will be riding in it - my 2nd squad of Howling Banshees. As the first squad is painted similar to the Bleached Bone style typically shown in the codex I wanted something different since these squads would likely be on the board at the same time. Or scary version; in the same combat. ;) I couldn't think of or see anything that I really was inspired by around the web. Breaking it down however, I came up with something. I thought about it, Banshees are scary. What else is Banshee-like and scary. The first thing that popped into my head was spectres and immediately after that the Dunharrow guys from Lord of the Rings. I'd seen some fun paintjobs on those and someone else's undead army at one time. I started with the Exarch, since I have 3 of her. I'm pretty happy with the results. :) Slight conversion to her as well. My first squad is the current models of the Banshees, but through a trade that I couldn't pass up, I wound up with the 2nd gen models. I call them the 'tall hat' Banshees. Anyway, I wound up with 3 of the Exarchs as I mentioned, all with Executioners. I prefer Mirrorswords (with doom, yum) so I set about converting. Pretty simple conversion, cut it in half, trim the ends and then turn one of the swords around. I pinned it just to be sure. The rest of the squad won't have the contrasting helmet (as I didn't do that with the first squad) but I do rather like it with it's green tinged edges. I tried to put a metallic blue wet blend on the tips of the swords, but I'm rubbish at the whole wet blend thing. Still, I'm happy with the result and that's what counts!


  1. I like the look, good colors choices, especially the hair. Looking forward to seeing the squad.

  2. Thank you!! I was scared it would look too "Mardi Gras", but I was very pleased with the purple. The first set of banshees have red hair, so I didn't want to duplicate that. Jain Zar has purple, so I went with that.